My first-ever experience of attending an international conference at Harvard University

  • Ronika Tater
  • Published 31/03/2021
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My first-ever experience of attending an international conference at Harvard University

I was nominated as a delegate at two renowned conferences – HPAIR and HUII – organised by Harvard University in 2020

During my second year of graduation at UPES, I came to know about the professional networking website LinkedIn. Through the connections I made on the platform, I became aware of the conferences that Harvard University organises. These conferences attract top employers, have industry-specific networking and information sessions, and provide valuable insights and contacts. Curious to participate in these summits, I started checking the Harvard website for regular updates. As soon as the dates of the conferences were announced, I filled the application form available on the website with all the details including my academic experience, extra-curricular activities, interests, and the statement of purpose.

I was nominated as a delegate at two renowned conferences held at Harvard University in 2020: The Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) and the Harvard US-India Initiative (HUII).

HPAIR is an exchange forum for students and young professionals to discuss and learn about the most important economic, political, and social issues facing the Asia-Pacific region. HUII is an initiative that aims to create a dialogue between Indian and American youth to address India’s crucial social, political, economic, and environmental issues. Each year, HUII organises a conference in India to provide Indian youth with the opportunity to hear from inspiring leaders and engage in discussions with them. It brings together prominent keynote speakers and industry leaders on the same table, thus serving as a forum for the enlightened minds of India to engage and connect with the leaders of today and tomorrow.

Due to health reasons, I could not attend the HPAIR conference, but I attended the prestigious HUII session in February last year, which took place virtually due to COVID-19. There were around 500 delegates and notable speakers including Kiran Shaw, Manish Malhotra, Manoj Sinha, and Anjali Bansal to name a few.  

I feel honoured to have attended the prestigious conference, where I got the opportunity to interact with eminent personalities and bright delegates from a wide range of backgrounds, such as politics, media, law, technology, and humanitarianism, who are pushing the boundaries of intellect in their respective fields. I was delighted with the friendliness and warmth that I received from other participants. The conference gave me a global perspective on benefitting from the exchange of ideas, sharing of legal expertise and socialising with international counterparts. It was an excellent opportunity to network and learn from the brilliant work done by other people presenting at the conference.

I would like to apply for many such conferences in the future as it promotes holistic development. I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to my professors, friends, and family for always supporting and encouraging me in my endeavours.

Ronika Tater
Ronika Tater

The writer is Ronika Tater, student, BBA, LL.B., Corporate Law Hons, UPES School of Law (2017-22)

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