UPES placements buck the trend; rack up 2500+ offers from 480+ companies

  • Pradeep Jagwan
  • Published 31/05/2021
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UPES placements buck the trend; rack up 2500+ offers from 480+ companies

Despite the pandemic, undergraduate and postgraduate students from School of Engineering, School of Computer Science, School of Business, School of Design, and School of Law received 2500+ offers from 480+ companies 

Campus hiring is an important platform for students to get noticed in the job market and is a valuable addition to their professional experience. Students who possess relevant skills, and have industry exposure to some extent through internships, have better prospects of landing their dream job, in comparison to those who have had little or no exposure. Merely having a degree is certainly not good enough, the right skills are a must have in today’s day and age.

UPES has been focussing on developing a world-class pool of young and talented professionals with relevant ‘real world’ education and ‘on the job’ exposure. The industry-readiness of UPES students has been one of the key differentiators for the recruiters.

The university’s robust Career Services department ensures that the students have adequate industry exposure and get naturally and rapidly absorbed into professional roles on completion of their degrees.  

Manish Madaan, Director, Career Services and Corporate Relations, UPES, says, “In March 2020 when the first nationwide lockdown was imposed, we were in the middle of our placement season for the graduates. The biggest setback was for our final year students as they were the first to experience virtual recruitment process and it was a new way of placements for us as well. We learnt a lot and our learnings helped us in preparing for this placement season. We geared ourselves up with video resumes, elevator pitches and improved our virtual presence. So, at a time when people are losing jobs, salaries are being cut and offers are being revoked, UPES has managed to offer multiple jobs to deserving and meritorious students. Credit for this goes to our faculty, who committed themselves to online teaching, and our students, who, despite all the challenges, ensured that they gave their best.”

This year again, for the fifth year in a row, UPES School of Computer Science has achieved 100% placements. UPES students have been placed across various Indian and global corporations, start-ups and unicorns. The highest pay package for the year 2021 is 27 LPA from UPES School of Business.

About the multi-prolonged placement drive, Manish Madan says, “The whole interview process this year is being carried out virtually with the students and corporates participating from their respective locations. Organisations are giving assignments or taking virtual technical rounds as a part of the recruitment drives. Online assessment tests, virtual group discussions, aptitude tests, domain-specific online tests, and HR rounds are the stages involved in the recruitment process. It is important for us to train our students for all these new ways of recruitment well in advance. To ensure this, we make a series of interventions, such as holding webinars with industry experts, mock interviews to ensure that the student is comfortable during the actual placement drive, besides training them on their domain and soft skills. The university has not left any stone unturned to ensure that students have a job before they graduate.”  

UPES has been at the forefront of industry-oriented, future-ready, and world-class education, turning crisis into opportunity whenever the need arises. That’s the reason it is the preferred choice for corporates for recruiting fresh talent. This year industry giants like Accenture, Adani Power, Amazon, Deloitte, DTDC, TCS, Cognizant, SpiceJet, Infosys, Flipkart, Wipro, Byju’s and Vedantu, have already recruited students from UPES. The university not only helps students in final placements, but also ensures that the pre-final-year students have industry exposure through internships on live projects under the guidance of industry mentors in online mode.

Employability Boot Camp  

UPES organises a 15-day Employability Boot Camp for its final year students. Through insightful workshops, seminars, and training programs, this camp prepares students to face professional challenges; to survive and grow in their job. Additionally, it gives students comprehensive training, equips them with life skills, cognitive and metacognitive skills, oral and written communication skills, competencies to build resume and social media profiles, personal branding, and mock interviews.  

Alumni Connect  

Owing to its commitment to support the alumni in all aspects of their professional life, UPES has been going the extra mile to ease the burden on the families of its alumni. UPES offers a 35% discount on tuition fees for all post-graduate courses. This is applicable for alumni who have completed graduation from UPES and wish to pursue post-graduate courses at UPES or any other academic partner institution.

Besides successfully meeting the targets of maximum placements over the years, UPES has been offering special placement assistance to alumni. UPES acts as a bridge between the recruiter and alumni. UPES also supports in upskilling, building portfolios, and enhancing the resume.  

Additionally, UPES has launched an initiative called ‘Sahyog’ that aims to provide help and support to the family of alumni by creating region-wise WhatsApp groups. Currently there are 350 + alumni across 20+ cities supporting this initiative and saving lives of people in need.  

Pradeep Jagwan
Pradeep Jagwan

The writer is a part of the UPES editorial team

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