UPES students who went for Semester Abroad Program to ULaw, London, had this to say

  • Ekta Kashyap
  • Published 20/12/2022
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From L-R: Manya Jain, Kadari Niharika, Juhi Mathur, Trisha Agarwala

Four UPES law students – Manya Jain, Juhi Mathur, Kadari Niharika and Trisha Agarwala – went on a semester abroad program at The University of Law, London, on full scholarship. They describe their unforgettable journey of several firsts, diversity on campus, and gaining a whole new perspective on law and life in general

A semester abroad program can transform students higher education experience in several ways, turning them into extraordinary individuals. At UPES, several students get the opportunity to study a semester abroad at some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Four UPES law students – Manya Jain, Juhi Mathur, Kadari Niharika and Trisha Agarwala – went on a semester abroad program at The University of Law (ULaw), London, on full scholarship. Here, they recount their journey and their takeaways from the trip.

A spectrum of experiences

Manya Jain: The beginning of my semester abroad was a full 24 hours of firsts. It was my first time travelling alone internationally, coming to a country with no relatives, family, or friends. And London has an altogether different aura. There is diversity, not only in the city but at the university too. I met other international students from different parts of the world, who were helpful and accommodating. There is a strange sense of unity when you realise that less than a day ago, we all walked away from the comforts of our homes, to embark on a journey on our own, yet we are all in this together.

At ULaw, learning, teaching, and assessments mostly happen online. Students are driven more towards reading and self-study. There is a highly systematic and planned structure of lectures. We are given student guides before a lecture and reading material before a workshop session. It is a different experience overall academically, and gets overwhelming sometimes. However, there are also endless ways here to unwind, learn new things, make new friends, and have some unforgettable adventures.

A culture of growing collectively

Kadari Niharika: It was a wonderful opportunity for me to study in a foreign country. I met people from different origins and ethnicities. The experience taught me to overcome obstacles such as arranging my accommodation to understanding a country’s rules, regulations, customs, and way of life.

Students at ULaw are encouraged to work together and share their experiences, opinions, and ideas with the purpose of growing collectively. This fosters a greater capacity for brainstorming and tackling an issue with a holistic approach. Despite the high frequency of tasks, I made sure to complete them before deadline, which led to my own development as a learner. The resources such as the student guidebook, reading list, and access to a wide range of online material, helped in enriching our knowledge. The faculty were highly qualified, approachable, and warm and often shared their personal experiences, making the subject more captivating and engaging.  

I gained a new perspective on law and interesting insights on dealing with a particular situation.

All about collaboration

Juhi Mathur: I was truly fortunate to be a part of this semester abroad program and experience a city as beautiful and as breath-taking as London. It is a city filled with ambition as well as unexplored beauty and history, and it brought to life the Disney film scenes that I had grown up watching.

The academic journey at ULaw was refreshing. The format of teaching was unique. Working in groups, collective problem-solving, and the overall collaborative effort of completing workshops and classroom tasks made the entire learning experience exciting. No student can fall behind on tasks or learning as studying in groups brings in a higher sense of confidence in terms of legal problem-solving. I observed my evolution as a student, and I cannot wait to apply all the takeaways back at my university.

Learner-friendly environment

Trisha Agarwala: There is nothing to not love about London. I am incredibly lucky to have been a part of this semester abroad program. ULaw adopts a student-friendly approach to everything. The learning structure is interesting, and everyone is so welcoming. Although I was already familiar with my subjects and the jurisprudence surrounding them, the statutes, precedents, and applications here were entirely new. Being here was like reliving my fresher year again in my final year. I cannot be grateful enough to my college for arranging this and choosing me to be a part of it.

Thank you, UPES and ULaw!

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