Duration of Program 2 years (4 Semesters)


Seats 50*

*Total Seats in M.Des. 

UPES School of Design’s Postgraduate Programme, M.Des. in Fashion Design prepares young creative designers to become future fashion thinkers, makers and versatile professionals. The programme covers all aspects of the design process, from trend analysis, research and design development, drawing and illustration, colour and fabric development, historical and cultural studies, translation of ideas from 2D to 3D through to presentation, marketing and business development.


UPES’ curriculum framework is holistic in its overall structure and yet focuses on the individual need of the student to discover, experience, explore and challenge. Along with the core subject, students have the option to choose from subject-focused specialisations. They are also allowed to choose minor/exploratory subject from other schools at UPES that are: School of Engineering, School of Computer Science, School of Law, School of Business, School of Health Sciences, School of Design, School of Modern Media, and School of Liberal Studies.

Further, based on the multifaceted needs of the global workplace and evolving lifestyles, the curriculum offers Signature and Life-Skills courses through School for Life. To round off this learning experience, students are required to do mandatory internships in the social sector, government/public sector, and industry. The combinations available for students to pick and choose from are endless, ensuring both depth and width of knowledge.


  • Fashion Designer

  • Personal Designer

  • Fashion Blogger/Journalist

  • Retail Buyer

  • Fabric designer

  • Footwear designer

  • Fashion Illustrator

  • Visual Merchandiser

Examination Pathway:

UPES Design Aptitude Test (UPES-DAT) followed by a personal interview and a presentation on the work portfolio.

Name of Program

Name of Test

Mode of Test

Test Dates


Last Date to Apply




30th - 31st March 2022

1 Hour.

27th March 2022

  • The date of the interview and portfolio presentation will be announced the post-UPES-DAT result


Non-Examination Pathway:

Candidates having valid CEED-2022 scores will be exempted from UPES – DAT Online/Offline Test

Valid & Qualified CEED Score followed by Portfolio Presentation & Interview

The date of the interview and portfolio presentation will be announced the post-UPES-DAT result.

Eligibility Criteria:

  1. Minimum 50% marks at Higher and Senior Secondary Level(X & XII).
  2. B.Tech/BE in relevant discipline / B.Arch. / BFA. Or 3 Year Degree such as B.Sc./BA/BFA in applied Art/Design of any other relevant disciplines (With minimum 50% Marks) with 1 year of relevant industry experience. OR 2 years M.Sc./M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering. IT Subjects / Domains (Only For Interaction Design) or equivalent.



Subject Code Subject Credits
SDCS 7003 Understanding Design and Design Process 2
SDFD 7024 Basics of Design 2
SDFD 7013 Evolution of Fashion 2
SDFD 7025 Fashion Ideation & Visual Represnt 1 3
SDFD 7026 Pattern Making & Draping 3
SDFD 7027 Garment Construction 1 3
SDFD 7028 Fabric Study & Fashion Material 1 2
SDFD 7014 CAD Application 2
SDPJ 7113 Design Project 1: Basic Dress 5
  Total 24





Subject Code Subject Credits
SDCS 7005 Design Research Methodology 2
SDFD 7029 Fashion Ideation and Visual Representation 2 3
SDFD 7030 Fabric Study & Fashion Material 2 2
SDFD 7031 Pattern Making for Indianwear, Knitwear & Bifurcates 3
SDFD 7032 Garment Construction 2 3
SDFD 7033 Visual Culture 2
SDFD 7019 CAD Design - Fashion Graphics 2
  Professional Elective 1 5
SDPJ 7114 Design Project 2: Indianwear Design  
SDPJ 7115 Design Project 2: Knitwear Design  
  Open Elective 1 2
  Open Elective 2 3
  Total 27





Subject Code Subject Credits
SDCS 8001 Design Management & Professional Practice 2
SIIB 8101 Summer Internship 2
SDFD 8013 Advanced Pattern Making, Garment Construction & Draping 3
SDFD 8014 Global Fashion Industry, Process & Market 2
  Professional Elective 2 3
SDFD 7034P Sustainable Design  
SDFD 7035P Responsible Design  
  Professional Elective 3 2
SDFD 7036P Smart Textile  
SDFD 7037P Smart Clothing  
  Open Elective 3 2
  Open Elective 4 3
SDPJ 8115 Design Project 3: Women's Eveningwear 5
  Total 24





Subject Code Subject Credits
SDPJ 8116 Post Graduation Project - Fashion Design 15
  Total 15



Open Elective 1


 Subject Code Subject Credits 
SDTD 7013O Advanced Digital Rendering 2
SDID 7011O Biomimicry in Design 2
SDID 7012O Photography and Videography 2
SDXD 7011O Data Visualization 2
SDXD 7012O Data Driven Design 2
SDGD 7002O Game Design 2
SDXD 7013O Sustainable Design 2
SDFD 7020O Fashion Photography 2
SDFD 7021O Fashion Styling 2



Open Elective 2


 Subject Code Subject Credits 
SDTD 7014O Vehicle Graphics 3
SDID 7013O Digital Marketing 3
SDID 7014O Game Without Equipment 3
SDXD 7010O Understanding Digital Media 3
SDXD 7014O Digital Media and Society 3
SDFD 7022O Costumes & Theatre 3
SDFD 7023O Costumes & Movies 3



Open Elective 3


 Subject Code Subject Credits 
SDTD 8007O Automotive Materials & Processes 2
SDTD 8008O Automotive Technology 2
SDID 8005O Mechanism and Robotics 2
SDID 8006O Elements of Space, Form and Composition 2
SDXD 8003O Design for Social Need 2
SDXD 8004O Design for Special Need 2
SDFD 8009O Fashion Communication 2
SDFD 8010O Fashion Show Production 2



Open Elective 4


 Subject Code Subject Credits 
SDTD 8009O 3D Printing 3
SDTD 8010O FRP Molding 3
SDID 8007O Design for Bottom of the Pyramid 3
SDID 8008O Design for 2050 3
SDXD 8005O Affective Interface Design 3
SDXD 8006O Machine Learning for Designers 3
SDXD 8007O e-Learning & Instructional Design 3
SDFD 8011O Visual Merchandising 3
SDFD 80120 Advertising & Promotion 3



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