Admission Open

For 2021 - 22

Admission Open

For 2021 - 22

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About LL.M. courses

A postgraduate law degree gives students an in-depth insight into the vast modern legal landscape. Students can familiarise themselves with the workings of the law industry and can also specialise in an area of interest.

LL.M. course subjects cover all the essential knowledge, concepts, and principles related to the field. The wide range of specialisations comes with its own set of curricula modelled after the needs of each sector. Hence, Master of Laws with specialisation in Energy Law will differ from the learnings obtained from an LL.M. degree in International Economic Law.

LL.M. colleges in Uttarakhand such as UPES offer students a strong platform to build a professional career in law. Along with having industry experts on advisory board, the university also remains the first to be awarded the QS Five-Stars Global Rating for employability in 2016.

There are four LL.M. programs in UPES that students can enrol for which are industry-aligned specialisations. These courses shared below are sector-specific and designed as per current developments in the field.

  • LL.M. - Energy Law
  • LL.M. - International Business law
  • LL.M. - Corporate and Securities Law
  • LL.M. - Cyber Law
  • LL.M. - Environmental Law and Policy
  • LL.M. - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


20% scholarship for girl students*

20% Scholarship for Girl Students for intake in Undergraduate & Postgraduate Programs at UPES for Academic Year 2021.

* For further details, refer T&C on


Up to 50% merit based scholarships*

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E-Learning - Learning Never Stops

  • 11000+ Students Attending Online Classes
  • 150+ Masterclasses with Industry Experts till Date
  • 2300+ Online Internships
  • 85% of graduating students completed exams online

Who is the LL.M. Course for?

Master of Laws is an excellent choice for those who want to make a niche in the legal sector and stand out among a sea of candidates. By adding this qualification to the list of merits, students will become applicable for prominent job roles and can also expand into the international market.

Learnings gained from the LL.M. degree include specific expertise applicable in a law field along with transferable skills such as objectivity, ability to showcase ideas, argue and counter-argue a point, clarity, research ability, and a lot more.

The LL.M. College in Dehradun, UPES, is the students’ gateway towards acquiring essential knowledge in law and also preparing them for the real world through practical training and insights. There is a lot to gain from it in terms of learning, career enhancement, and a good pay package.

If you are planning to obtain a global experience in law, then UPES is the right place for you. UPES collaborated with The University of Law, UK, a renowned name in education, to offer seminars, conferences, and research-based learning to students. Furthermore, the university offers global exposure with its free 4-week study abroad program in Berlin, London, Singapore, and Vancouver.


  • Unmatched Global Opportunities
  • Free access to 3900+ global courses on Coursera
  • Industry collabration with Surana & Surana
  • 210+ Awards won by law students

NAAC AAssocham


2300+Overall Student Placed in 2019-20*

94%Placements 2019-20*

560+Recruiters in 2019-20*

*Placement statistics refer to the number of students who have opted for and are eligible for placements.


qs rating


Core Specialisations
(Choice based in 2nd Semester)
LL.M.  Energy Law
International Business law
Corporate and Securities Law 
Cyber Law
Environmental Law and Policy
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Become A Global Specialist

Specialisation at UPES comes bundled with global opportunities

  • Free 4-week study abroad programme in Berlin and Vancouver (pay only for travel and stay).
  • Two Professional Courses* from AWS, IBM, Tableau.
*Terms & Conditions Apply


Last Date to Apply - 22 Oct 2021

Eligibility criteria for LL.M. Admissions

The eligibility criteria for getting admission in LL.M. programs at UPES is as follows:

  • Minimum 50% marks at Higher & Senior Secondary level (X & XII)
  • Minimum 50% marks in Graduation with LL.B. Degree or equivalent.
  • Followed by online exam ULSAT - LL.M.

How to Apply for an LL.M. Degree in 2021 / Admission Procedure for Enrolling in LL.M. Degree in 2021

The admission process for LL.M. in Dehradun at UPES is simple and students from different parts of the country can apply for the course easily. Those keen to apply for an LL.M. degree in 2021 can log on to the official website and fill up the sign form with all the necessary details. The student can then buy the ‘Admission Prospectus’ and fill it with the requisite information, which would include personal details along with the academic record.

Further, for LL.M. admission the student will have to sit for the ULSAT entrance test for which he/she can apply online through the official website. After the result of the exams are declared, the student will be invited for a personal interview round and group discussion. On clearing this last round, the student will secure admission with UPES for an LL.M. course in any chosen pathway.

  • Online Test date : 11 Sep 21
  • Last date to apply : 10 Sep 21


ULSAT- LLM Scheme of Test: Online / Centre Based Test

Combination of MCQ and descriptive questions with maximum marks of 150


Constitutional Law


Other Law Subjects

Eligibility- Minimum 75% in 10th, 12th & Graduation

Scholarships - 50% waiver on 10% seats in each program

Career Opportunities

What are the career opportunities available with an LL.M. Degree?

LL.M. programs at UPES offer both theoretical and practical knowledge into specific areas of law, making one applicable for numerous job roles in their selected domain. The university had a 94% placement rate in the past year, where students found employment with top names such as Fox Mandal, Larsen & Toubro, IBM, Bosch and many more.

With the massive exposure that LL.M. in Uttarakhand offers, students can go for a variety of job roles in sectors ranging from law firms to corporate houses, media firms, and public organisations. Some popular roles that students can consider are:

  • Criminal lawyer: This job role requires one to defend someone who has been accused of committing a crime. This means carefully putting facts and figures together and articulating it to the court for the criminal to be tried.
  • Legal researcher: The job of a legal researcher requires in-depth studying of laws and legal articles. One can be required to research cases or customer intellectual property to support what the lawyer wants to present in court.
  • Legal writer: Those with a flair for writing can take up this job role that requires assisting clients in creating legal briefs, contracts, and documents.
  • Corporate lawyer: There is a lot of legal work involved in corporates such as contracting, acquisition, and assuring that various rights and decrees are in due accordance. Corporate lawyers take care of all such legal formalities and ensure a smooth undertaking.


Reasons to study Master of Laws in 2021

Master of Laws is regarded as an academically rich program that makes one a trained expert in the legal sector. Whatever pathway the student chooses, LL.M. from an established university like UPES will make him/her a specialised professional prepared to spearhead all real-world challenges. Along with inculcating transferable skills, students will also gain an immersive experience of the legal sector and grow holistically.

As a globally popular university, UPES offers brilliant academic infrastructure and state-of-the-art learning facilities. It has many awards under its belt including the Leading University for International Student Experience’ at the UniAgents Annual Summit 2019. Also, specialisation at UPES is equal to availing many benefits such as *two Professional Courses* from AWS, IBM, Tableau.

Located in the picturesque valley of Dehradun, UPES offers a perfectly conducive environment for learning and a range of extra-curricular activities aimed at keeping students physically fit. Along with this, students get ample opportunities to engage in interactive seminars and other sessions aimed at their personal development.

Additionally, when students choose to study law at UPES, they train under subject matter experts and get the chance to work with leading industry names. This is an essential building block for a successful career ahead.


Answer: Yes. If you are keen to pursue LL.M., then you need to have a graduation degree in law. UPES requires you to have 50% marks in LL.B., which is a pre-requisite for anyone applying for LL.M.

Answer: UPES not only prepares you for a sound career ahead but also offers excellent placement opportunities. The university enjoys a remarkable placement record of 94%.

Answer: UPES offers 6 different specialisations in LL.M. which are:

  • LL.M. - Energy Law
  • LL.M. - International Business law
  • LL.M. - Corporate and Securities Law
  • LL.M. - Cyber Law
  • LL.M. - Environmental Law and Policy
  • LL.M. - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning