UPES believes in imparting skills that are high in demand and extremely important for a successful career. These soft skills will set you apart from the rest. 

EDGE, a platform for limitless possibilities, is an acronym for Enhanced Development Growth and Enrichment program. EDGE supports students in their chosen field with a focus on key action areas, such as Entrepreneurship, Exam Pathways, and Employability. This exposes students to a wide array of activities that help them prepare for various competitive exams and excel professionally. Some added benefits of this program are focusing on enhanced reading, comprehending and analytical writing capability, developing critical reasoning analysis, and understanding analogies and their implementation. These skills help students transform into a specialised workforce with a more focused, holistic thought process and entrepreneurship skills. EDGE helps students stand out in a crowd.

Training & Placement

Placement Process

Through insightful workshops, seminars and training programs, EDGE prepares students to face professional challenges; it nurtures students with comprehensive training. Additionally, EDGE gives students aptitude and comprehensive training, access to T.I.M.E center on campus, pre-post training assessment, pre-internship training, life skills training, graduate career guidance, thinking skills, communication workshops, resume workshops, LinkedIn profile workshops, personal branding and pitching workshop, tech talks, mock interviews, employability boot camp, industry mentoring by alumni, counselling for competitive exams, E-cell for aspiring entrepreneurs and soft skills training.