BBA Foreign Trade

BBA Foreign Trade

Program Details

The BBA in Foreign Trade program offered by UPES in Dehradun is designed to provide students with a comprehensive learning experience in the field of international business and trade. The program focuses on equipping students with the knowledge and skills required to navigate the complexities of the global marketplace. The curriculum combines various disciplines such as business, economics, finance, and international relations to provide a well-rounded education.

Students enrolled in the program will study a range of subjects including international business, economics, finance, trade policies and agreements, supply chain management, export/import procedures, and global market analysis. These courses cover essential topics such as global market dynamics, international marketing strategies, cross-cultural management, macroeconomics, financial management, trade regulations, logistics, and market research techniques. The program also emphasizes practical experience through summer internships, live projects with companies, industrial tours, and a dissertation.

Upon graduation, students can pursue various career opportunities in the field of international trade. Potential roles include international trade specialist, export/import coordinator, customs compliance officer, global logistics manager, international sales representative, trade analyst, or consultant. Graduates can find employment in multinational corporations, government agencies, international organizations, and trade associations.

Program Highlights

  • Students engage in major projects, summer internships, and live projects with companies, gaining hands-on experience in the field of foreign trade.
  • The BBA in Foreign Trade program prepares students for various roles such as international trade specialist, customs compliance officer, trade analyst, and more, enabling them to work with multinational corporations, government agencies, and international organizations.
  • Students are encouraged to participate in student and faculty exchange programs, research projects, seminars, conferences, and internships, providing them with a global perspective and networking opportunities.
  • Real-world case studies, industry visits, and guest lectures from industry experts help students understand the practical aspects of foreign trade and stay updated with current trends.
  • Students learn about documentation, procedures, and regulations related to exporting and importing goods, including customs compliance, trade financing, and insurance, equipping them with essential knowledge and skills.
  • UPES School of Business offers state-of-the-art facilities, including smart classrooms, an Analytics Lab, and a well-stocked library. Additionally, students have the opportunity to participate in student exchange and study abroad programs with leading global partner management institutes.

The future scope of a BBA in Foreign Trade program is promising and offers diverse career opportunities. Graduates can pursue mid and senior management roles in various sectors, including international trade, such as international trade specialist, export/import coordinator, customs compliance officer, global logistics manager, international sales representative, trade analyst, or consultant. The field of foreign trade is influenced by several factors. Globalization and international trade continue to expand, creating opportunities for professionals to facilitate cross-border transactions and foster international business relationships. The digital revolution is transforming international trade, with e-commerce platforms and digital payment systems enabling more efficient cross-border transactions. Changing trade policies and geopolitical dynamics significantly impact global trade, requiring professionals to stay updated on evolving regulations and understand geopolitical factors. The focus on sustainability and ethical trade practices is increasing, demanding professionals to be knowledgeable about responsible sourcing and corporate social responsibility. Emerging markets and regional integration initiatives provide new opportunities for foreign trade professionals, and managing risks associated with international trade and developing cross-cultural competence are crucial for success. Continuous professional development is advised to stay updated with the latest industry trends.

Career Opportunities

Completing a BBA in Foreign Trade program offered by UPES School of Business opens up a plethora of exciting career opportunities in the global business arena. Graduates with this specialization are well-equipped to excel in roles such as international trade analysts, import-export managers, supply chain coordinators, global marketing executives, and customs compliance officers. With their comprehensive understanding of international trade policies, global market dynamics, and cross-cultural business practices, BBA graduates in Foreign Trade can thrive in multinational corporations, government agencies, logistics firms, consulting firms, and international trade organizations. The program's emphasis on practical skills development, industry exposure, and networking opportunities ensures that students are prepared to navigate the complexities of the global business landscape and make a meaningful impact in their chosen careers.


The placement scenario for students pursuing a BBA in Foreign Trade at UPES School of Business has significantly improved in recent years. Renowned companies such as Smart School, Felicity Group, Geojit Financials, Mahindra & Mahindra, Amazon, ByJus, Infosys, Nestle, Tech Mahindra, Weatherford Drilling International APAC Sourcing Solutions, KWE, and Odex provide attractive employment opportunities to these students. Moreover, there is a growing interest among mid-sized start-ups to recruit graduates of the BBA in Foreign Trade program. Freshers in this field can expect a starting salary ranging between INR 6-10 lakh per annum, depending on their skills, knowledge, and exposure.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Principles and Practices 
of Management
Business Mathematics3003
Business Accounting3003
Business Communication 2023
Organizational Behavior3003
Spreadsheet Modelling1022
Living Conversations2002
Business Environment2002
Environment Sustainability & 
Climate Change (Theory)
TOTAL   26

Semester 2

Business Statistics3003
Financial Management3003
Marketing Management3003
Technologies of the 
Human Resource 
Community Engagement 
and Social Responsibility
Operations Management3003
Environment Sustainability & 
Climate Change (Living Lab)
TOTAL   26

Semester 3

Foreign Trade and 
Introduction to Econometrics3003
Research Methodology & 
Report Writing
Consumer Behaviour & 
Market Research
Minor/Exploratory I3003
Business Ethics and 
Working with Data2002
Meta 1011001
Global Business 
TOTAL   23

Semester 4

Trade Documentation and 
Custom Clearance Procedures
Specialization Paper I 
(Specialization 1: International 
Trade Negotiations, Course: 
Global Sourcing. Specialization 
2: Analytics and Market 
Research, Course: Trade Analytics)
Industrial Visit0001
Minor/Exploratory II3003
Minor/Exploratory III3003
Business Analytics2023
Environmental, Social and 
Design Thinking2002
TOTAL   21

Semester 5

Managing Trade and Risk 
in International Business
Specialization  Paper II 
(Specialization 1: 
International Trade
Negotiations, Course: 
Introduction to International 
Trade Negotiations; 
Specialization 2: Analytics 
and Market Research, 
Course: International 
Market Research)
International Financial 
Minor/Exploratory IV3003
Minor/Exploratory V3003
Dissertation I0002
Summer Internship 0002
International Trade Conventions3003
Essentials of Strategic 
Leadership and Teamwork2002
Project Management3003
TOTAL   30

Semester 6

Start your Start-up2002
Dissertation II0004
Minor/Exploratory VI3003
Introduction to Trade 
TOTAL   12


Interested students must meet the minimum eligibility requirements for BBA in Foreign Trade, which are as follows: Minimum 50% marks in Classes X and XII.

Selection Criteria

The criteria used to select students who are interested in pursuing a BBA in Foreign Trade at UPES School of Business depend on the individual's performance in Entrance Exam (UPESMET-UG) / UGAT’23 / CUET.


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Varied Specialisations to pick from

International Trade Negotiations

International Trade Negotiations

Analytics and Market Research

Analytics and Market Research