BA Digital & Mass Media (Broadcasting)

BA Digital & Mass Media (Broadcasting)

Program Details

The BA Digital and Mass Media (Broadcasting) program at UPES School of Liberal Studies is a six-semester program that equips students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to succeed in the rapidly changing media industry. The program offers three specialized tracks to cater to the unique demands and opportunities within the digital media landscape. The first specialization, Digital Audio Broadcasting Radio Production, Podcasts, and Distribution, focuses on live broadcasting and floor production. Students gain technical expertise and specialization in areas like live broadcasting, floor production, and technical aspects of media production. This track prepares graduates to create and manage live broadcasting tools and production, contributing to the growth of the media industry in the digital age.

The second specialization, Digital Video and Audio Production targets original content creation and management. Students learn video production, editing, and distribution skills, along with digital audio skills for radio and audio production. Graduates are well-equipped to thrive in the digital video and audio landscape, creating impactful content for various media platforms. The third specialization, Mobile Journalism (MoJo) with Digital Video Production and Monetization, focuses on media storytelling using mobile phones and digital instruments. Students learn video shooting, editing, and production skills to create engaging content for media houses, marketing campaigns, and social media channels. Additionally, they explore narrative structure, visual language, distribution, and monetization strategies. Graduates become valuable assets in the contemporary digital journalism landscape.

The program stands out for its hands-on approach, cutting-edge technology training, and the expertise of industry professionals, preparing students to become skilled media professionals and storytellers in the digital era. Whether students aspire to excel in live broadcasting, digital video and audio production, or mobile journalism and video monetization, the program provides the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the dynamic and evolving world of digital media.

Program Highlights

  • Students undertake significant projects during the program, providing practical and hands-on experience in the field of Digital and Mass Media (Broadcasting).
  • UPES is India's only digital-first media school, emphasizing the importance of digital media in today's media landscape.
  • The BA Digital & Mass Media (Broadcasting) program boasts experienced and esteemed media professionals as faculty members, ensuring quality education and industry insights.
  • Students have access to cutting-edge labs and studios, enhancing their skills with the latest tools and technologies.
  • UPES has an industry alliance with Hub hopper, offering a distinctive podcasting course, keeping the curriculum up-to-date with industry trends.
  • The BA Digital & Mass Media (Broadcasting) program provides placement assistance for up to 5 years, ensuring graduates have ample support to kickstart their careers in the media industry.

The future scope of the BA Digital & Mass Media (Broadcasting) program is promising in the dynamic digital landscape of the media industry. With the current shift towards digital media, students are encouraged to stay updated with changing trends. This program offers opportunities in diverse professional fields, including social media, digital marketing, communication, strategic media, SEO, digital publishing, website management, and digital content creation through audio or podcast. The focus on the evolving digital landscape ensures that graduates are equipped with specialized skills in Digital Media and Mojo, positioning them well for success in the job market.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the BA Digital & Mass Media (Broadcasting) program at UPES School of Liberal Studies can explore diverse and promising career opportunities. With a specialization in Broadcasting, students can venture into professions involving audio-video production, multimedia content development, and broadcasting management. Potential career paths include roles in television and radio production, digital media management, content creation for online platforms, and journalism. The program's comprehensive curriculum equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in the media industry. Graduates can expect competitive salaries ranging from 6 to 35 lakhs per year, depending on their expertise and experience.


The BA Digital & Mass Media (Broadcasting) program at UPES School of Liberal Studies has consistently achieved impressive placements in both national and international media companies and digital media houses. Notable organizations like NDTV, ABP News 18, and TV9 have recruited our talented students. Many graduates have secured positions in media associations, national-level media houses, and production companies. The program's emphasis on skill development and practical exposure has resulted in starting salaries for digital media freshers ranging from 4 to 10 lakh per annum, reflecting the students' exceptional skills, knowledge, and industry exposure.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Why Media Matters: Introduction to 
Media and Entertainment Industry 
Digital Photography3
Indian Polity: Democracy and the State3
Creative Writing3
Fundamentals of Social Media3
Writing for social media: Introduction3
Production Portfolio - I2
Critical Thinking and Writing2
Environment Sustainability & 
Climate Change

Semester 2

Indian Economy: Introduction 
and Principles
Writing and Reporting for 
Digital media
Political Communication3
Video Editing3
The law and the Journalist3
Development Communication3
Living Conversations2
Environment Sustainbility & Climate Change 
(Living Lab)

Semester 3

MoJo: Producing Video and Audio 
Audio and podcast production 
and post-production
How to build a Brand on Digital3
Scriptwriting for Video and audio3
Production Portfolio II2
Working with Data2
Social Internship0
Exploratory Elective  I3
Technologies of the Future 2

Semester 4

Multi-cam TV production and 
Floor management
Documentary and Creative 
Metaverse and Social Media3
Search Engine Optimization and 
Platform Analytics
Blogging and Web publishing3
Design Thinking2
Exploratory Elective  II3

Semester 5

Sound design and mixing3
Reporting the other India3
Motion Graphics3
Summer Internship6
Production Portfolio III3
Leadership & Teamwork2
Exploratory Elective  III3

Semester 6

Global Cinema: Critical Perspectives3
Advanced Sound for Broadcasting4
CSR (Media)3
Story & Script writing3
Minor Project4
Start your Start Up2
Exploratory Elective IV3

Semester 7

Storytelling and Data Visualization3
Advanced Studio Production3
Advanced Digital Film Making4
Anchoring and Standup Reporting4
Research Methodology3
Exploratory Elective  V3

Semester 8

BADMM Capstone project20
Exploratory Elective VI*3*


Interested students must meet the minimum eligibility criteria for BA Digital & Mass Media (Broadcasting) as outlined below: 50% 10th & 12th Any Stream.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for students interested in pursuing a BA Digital & Mass Media (Broadcasting) offered by UPES School of Liberal Studies depend on the individual's performance in the Personal Interview.


To opt the minors, please choose the minors from the bucket. Click here to know more.

Varied Specialisations to pick from

Mobile Journalism

Mobile Journalism (Mojo): Digital Video Production and Monetisation

Digital Audio Broadcasting

Digital Audio Broadcasting: Radio Production, Podcasts and Distribution

Digital Studio Management

Digital Studio Management: Live Broadcasting and Floor Production