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BA Digital and Mass Media (Broadcasting) -Mobile Journalism (Mojo): Digital Video Production and Monetisation

Program Details

The BA in Digital Media and Mass Media (Broadcasting) with a specialization in Mobile Journalism (Mojo): Digital Video Production and Monetisation program offered by UPES School of Liberal Studies is a comprehensive and skill-oriented course designed to meet the demands of modern media and journalism. With the rise of digital technology and mobile phones, this program equips students with the technical expertise to create digital video and audio content.

Over the course of six semesters, students are trained as digital broadcasting storytellers and producers, gaining hands-on experience in Mobile Journalism, Audio/Video Production, Content Creation, Podcasting, Production, Direction, and Live Broadcasting. The program takes place in state-of-the-art studios under the guidance of industry professionals, ensuring students receive the best possible training.

The specialization in Digital Video Production and Monetisation focuses on Mobile Journalism, teaching students to produce impactful video content for media houses, marketing campaigns, and social media channels using mobile phones. The curriculum covers shooting, editing, and producing video content while also providing a strong foundation in narrative structure and visual language. Moreover, students gain insight into distribution and monetization strategies for digital platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Program Highlights

  • BA in Digital Media and Mass Media (Broadcasting) in the Mobile Journalism program at UPES offers students major projects, allowing them to gain practical skills in digital video production and monetization.
  • UPES School of Liberal Studies is India's only digital-first media school, providing students with the latest knowledge and techniques in the rapidly evolving media landscape.
  • The BA in Digital Media and Mass Media (Broadcasting) in Mobile Journalism (Mojo): Digital Video Production and Monetisation program boasts a faculty of renowned media professionals who bring their industry expertise to the classroom, ensuring students receive high-quality education.
  • Students have access to state-of-the-art labs and studios, providing them with a cutting-edge learning environment to enhance their skills.
  • The program has an industry alliance with Hub Hopper, offering a unique podcasting course, enabling students to explore diverse media avenues.
  • UPES offers placement assistance for up to 5 years, ensuring students have support in finding relevant job opportunities after completing their degree.

UPES School of Liberal Studies offers a comprehensive program in Digital Media and Mobile Journalism (MoJo), focusing on Digital Video Production and Monetisation. The program equips students with specialized skills in various areas of the modern media industry, including social media, digital marketing, strategic media, SEO, digital publishing, website management, and digital content creation via audio or podcast. As the media industry evolves in the digital era, staying ahead of changing trends is crucial, and this program ensures students are prepared to meet the demands of the job market. By providing in-depth knowledge and hands-on training, UPES School of Liberal Studies enables students to thrive in the dynamic and promising field of Digital Media and Mass Media (Broadcasting) in Mobile Journalism.

Career Opportunities

Completing the BA in Digital Media and Mass Media (Broadcasting) in Mobile Journalism (Mojo): Digital Video Production and Monetisation program from UPES School of Liberal Studies opens up a plethora of exciting career opportunities in the dynamic world of media and journalism. Graduates can explore roles as mobile journalists, digital video producers, content creators, and social media managers, equipped with the essential skills to thrive in the fast-paced digital landscape. With a strong foundation in mobile journalism and digital video production, graduates can embark on rewarding careers in broadcast media, online platforms, advertising agencies, and content marketing firms, while also venturing into independent entrepreneurial ventures to monetize their own creative content in this ever-evolving media landscape.


UPES School of Liberal Studies' BA in Digital Media and Mass Media (Broadcasting) in Mobile Journalism (Mojo): Digital Video Production and Monetisation program has witnessed successful placements. Notably, students have secured positions in reputed national and international media companies, including NDTV, ABP News 18, and TV9, as well as various digital media houses. Many alumni are currently employed in media associations, national-level media houses, and production companies. Freshers in digital media typically receive starting salaries ranging from 4 to 10 lakh per annum, which are determined by their individual skills, knowledge, and exposure.

Fee Structure

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Semester 1

Why Media Matters: Introduction to 
Media and Entertainment Industry 
Digital Photography3
Indian Polity: Democracy and the State3
Creative Writing3
Fundamentals of Social Media3
Writing for social media: Introduction3
Production Portfolio - I2
Critical Thinking and Writing2
Environment Sustainability & 
Climate Change

Semester 2

Indian Economy: Introduction 
and Principles
Writing and Reporting for 
Digital media
Political Communication3
Video Editing3
The law and the Journalist3
Development Communication3
Living Conversations2
Environment Sustainability & Climate Change 
(Living Lab)

Semester 3

MoJo: Producing Video and Audio 
Audio and podcast production 
and post-production
How to build a Brand on Digital3
Scriptwriting for Video and audio3
Production Portfolio II2
Working with Data2
Social Internship0
Exploratory Elective  I3
Technologies of the Future 2

Semester 4

Multi-cam TV production and 
Floor management
Documentary and Creative 
Metaverse and Social Media3
Search Engine Optimization and 
Platform Analytics
Blogging and Web publishing3
Design Thinking2
Exploratory Elective  II3

Semester 5

Sound design and mixing3
Reporting the other India3
Motion Graphics3
Summer Internship6
Production Portfolio III3
Leadership & Teamwork2
Exploratory Elective  III3

Semester 6

Global Cinema: Critical Perspectives3
Advanced Sound for Broadcasting4
CSR (Media)3
Story & Script writing3
Minor Project4
Start your Start Up2
Exploratory Elective IV3


Interested students must meet the minimum eligibility criteria for BA in Digital Media and Mass Media (Broadcasting) in Mobile Journalism (Mojo): Digital Video Production and Monetisation as outlined below: 50% 10th & 12th Any Stream.

Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for students who wish to pursue the BA in Digital Media and Mass Media (Broadcasting) with a focus on Mobile Journalism (Mojo): Digital Video Production and Monetisation program at UPES School of Liberal Studies is determined by their performance in Personal Interview.

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