National Sports Day 2019: Significance, Theme and Benefits of Sports for Students

  • Mansha Dhingra
  • Published 29/08/2019
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National Sports Day 2019: Significance, Theme and Benefits of Sports for Students

29th August 2019 marks the 115th birth anniversary of the hockey legend Major Dhyan Chand. In order to pay a tribute to the phenomenal player, Major Dhyan Chand, the day has been marked as National Sports Day in India. A great hockey player Major Dhyan Chand had won many Olympic Gold Medals for India. This significant day is marked to spread awareness about physical activity, sports, and overall health. It is celebrated in academic institutions and sports academies by organising different types of fitness drives and sports like hockey, football, marathons, walkathons and so on.  Every year, the day has a different theme. This year the theme is Fit India, Young India.  This year the theme emphasizes the importance of sports and other physical activities in order to build a Fit, Healthy, and Youthful India.

In the following article, we will talk about the several health benefits of sports and physical activity in our daily life.

  • Improve academic excellence: All the physical activities or sports require time and energy. Sports enhances the cognitive memory functions of the brain, sharpens learning skill sets that will help students excel academically.
  • Reduce risk of obesity: All sorts of physical activity help individuals burn calories. Sports help control your weight and reduces the risk of obesity and other related diseases.
  • Reduce stress: The most important benefit of sports is reducing stress levels. Regular exercise is a natural way to feel relaxed, energetic and let go of stress. A lower amount of stress will thereby manage high blood sugar levels and hypertension.
  • Discipline: Sports teaches mental and physical discipline. You learn to follow rules and regulations, obey the coach, time management, practicing restraint and all forms of discipline which is required throughout your life.
National Sports Day 2019: Significance, Theme and Benefits of Sports for Students

  • Leadership skills: A trait that is important in order to become successful is good leadership skills. While you are on the playfield, you will learn how to talk to other teammates, manage team emotions, take decisions for the team, and so on. These skills will make you a successful leader.
  • Reduce the risk of heart diseases: Regular physical activity is very important to maintain heart health. Sports will reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol and fats in the blood which thereby helps in managing high blood pressure.

Wishing everyone a happy #nationalsportsday !

Mansha Dhingra
Mansha Dhingra

The writer is a part of the UPES editorial team

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