Video resume: Your new-age tool to ace interviews

  • Abhishek Verma
  • Published 07/06/2023
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A video resume showcases a candidate’s skills, qualifications, and personality to potential employers in the most impactful manner possible. It is fast replacing traditional paper resumes and cover letters

The world has become a highly competitive place, and creating a niche for themselves in this scenario has become imperative for job seekers. A video resume can set a candidate apart from others.

An effective video resume showcases a candidate’s unique personality to a prospective employer and demonstrates why he or she is a good fit for the role. It is a valuable addition to the application and helps the individual stand apart from others through a distinctive and creative approach.

What is a video resume?

A video resume is a new way to interact with a prospective employer. It is an add-on to the resume and cover letter, a short but powerful tool that creates a lasting impression on the recruiter’s mind. A 60-second video is usually enough to give the employer a good idea of a candidate’s personality and communication skills even before the interview takes place.

The video allows employers to get a glimpse of the candidate’s communication skills, presentation style, and overall demeanour before deciding whether to invite them for an interview. Video resumes can be shared through various platforms, such as email, online job portals, or social media.

The video resume can briefly discuss the individual’s skills and achievements, giving a personal touch to the traditional form of application. Creating a video resume that fits the requirement of the job is a crucial task. An appropriate video can give the candidate an edge over others, especially if it is made keeping the requirement of the job or the industry in mind.

Steps to create a good video resume

To create a good video resume, one needs to be familiar with the latest tools and technologies.

Decide what you have in mind 

Decide judiciously what you want from the video. Make an initial draft of your speech and decide what you want to communicate and how you want to do it. When preparing your draft, try including a few powerful action verbs to make it more cogent and convincing.

Find the right ambience

The right ambience makes a big difference. Set up a space with a neutral background and attractive lighting. As much as possible, keep away from distracting backdrops.


Choose your recording device 

Your device should be capable of capturing high-resolution videos with clarity. Adjust your device so that it can capture your natural aura and presence.

Take small capsule shots

Your shots should not be in one long sequence. Make sure there are lots of shots and break up what you are saying. Just like a conventional resume, a video resume should also have segments. Make sure the breaks are clean and make sense. You can have a different shot for every few sentences.

Record and re-record

Using your outline, record each section of your video resume. Record your video numerous times using diverse expressions, pitch, and vocal tones to ensure you appear confident and natural throughout. Record lots of shots until you get the best one.


Editing is key

Narrow down all the footage you’ve captured and select the best takes. Using your video shots or outline, you can alter, modify, and reassemble footage to fit your story. Some smart gadgets and software can be used to give the desired effect to your video.

Feedback matters

It is always advisable to review and check your final shots to ensure their lucidity and impact. Review your final cut a few times to ensure the video is clear and organized. Include your friends and batchmates in the review process to make the video more effective and persuasive.

Abhishek Verma
Abhishek Verma

The writer is Abhishek Verma, Assistant Director, Career Services Team, UPES

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