Why social media marketing is becoming pervasive across businesses

  • UPES Editorial Team
  • Published 20/07/2021
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Why social media marketing is becoming pervasive across businesses

There is a growing need for professionals with expertise in public relations, corporate communications and data analytics. Mastering social media skills can, thus, open up several career avenues for students

Social media has had an irreversible impact on our modern lives. It has changed the way we work, learn and buy, but most importantly, it has changed the way we sell. Social media is not a mere tool for entertainment or communication anymore; it has become a business. Social media, and the internet, have now evolved as platforms for advertising and marketing.

Social media is now used as a strategic tool to carry out transactions of various kinds and magnitudes — right from important personal announcements to business deals worth millions, it has opened many avenues for businesses and corporates. Because of this new wave of social media advertising and branding, digital communication has become one of the most important skills of the 21st century.

This dynamic field only keeps growing. According to DataReportal, the number of social media users in India alone grew by 78% in 2021, and platforms now host 448 million Indians, giving advertisers an opportunity to reach 448 million through one medium. This growth in the number of users also resulted in an exponential growth in the Social Media Marketing and Analytics industry. According to Sprout Social, 81% of organisations use social media publishing/analytics tools and 83% of marketers find social media marketing effective in reaching their goals and target audience. With the onset of the pandemic, most communication practices, such as public relations, corporate communications, etc., have evolved to adjust themselves to this new digital age of social media, and hence the demand for social media strategists is constantly on the rise.

Through social media, corporates and businesses alike, can reach and understand the needs of their target audience directly. They can gauge how the audience is reacting to their organisation/product and find ways to improve and/or change how they function to solidify their market presence. Social media and digital communication remove barriers between a brand and the target audience and makes interactions seamless.

As this field grows, new ways to exploit social media and its features are being explored. Many brands are now using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Chatbots to address the needs of their audience. Another new technology being used by brands is Augmented Reality. Through this, people can test the features of a brand before purchasing their products.

As new technologies are employed into the ever-growing field of digital communication, the scope of the industry also grows exponentially.

There is a clear need for professionals with expertise in public relations, corporate communications, and data analytics. Mastering these skills can open up several avenues for students.

However, to become an expert in this industry, one needs strong academic qualifications. UPES School of Modern Media (SoMM) offers BBA (Events, Public Relations and Corporate Communications) with specialisation in Social Media, Marketing and Analytics to impart relevant skills to youngsters interested in building a career in this field.

To find out more about the programs and specialisations at SOMM, – click here https://www.upes.ac.in/schools/school-of-modern-media

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UPES Editorial Team

Written by the UPES Editorial Team

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