Young interns dwell on the merits of working with social sector organisations

  • Pradeep Jagwan
  • Published 01/07/2021
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Srijan Social Internship program of UPES will enable the students not only to become more self-aware, but motivate them to take effective actions for the betterment of the society

UPES recently launched Srijan Social internships as part of School for Life. Under this, all first-year students will be required to go through 6-8 weeks-long work internships with social sector organisations. These internships form an important part of UPES’ new learning framework. These social internships will prepare students not just for empathetic leadership but also for collaborative work experiences and community service.

Inaugurating the launch ceremony, Shri Tirath Singh Rawat, CM of Uttarakhand, said,  “UPES has always been a forerunner in supporting the local communities of Uttarakhand in various ways. Srijan is yet another commendable effort by UPES that goes beyond the regular classroom education, preparing students to become compassionate human beings and effective leaders. It is important that the young minds are sensitized towards developing an equitable and sustainable society to achieve lasting progress, as envisaged by our Honorable Prime Minister.”

Says Manish Madaan, Director, Career Services and Corporate Relations, UPES, “Between the conceptualization of social internships and accomplishing more than 300 MoUs with social organisations in just five months, what lies in the passionate work of young members of our team. These internships will provide a platform to our students enabling them to create a positive impact on people’s lives and in turn, have a metamorphic and life-transforming experience.”

First-year students, who have undertaken the social internships, are upbeat about their experiences.

Emy Watson, from UPES School of Engineering, has begun interning with Atypical Advantage, an organisation that works for Person With Disabilities (PWD) to generate livelihood opportunities for them by showcasing their talent. “I always wanted to help people and this social internship provides an opportunity to make lives better. Social internships give students the hands-on practical experience they need. I feel that quality internships are essential to developing key skills that you cannot get in a classroom. Skills such as multitasking, communicating and dealing with deadlines. Internships are also a great way to network with people in the industry,” says Emy.

Janhvi from UPES School of Modern Media, who has joined Adore India as an intern, corroborates her views. Adore India is a voluntary network of university students and professionals who interact with students so that they grow and become successful professionals and responsible citizens. “Leadership skills, strong communication skills, and confidence were some of the strongest and most apparent skills that I am learning during my internship. This internship helps me improve my industry skills while also learning how to work,” explains Janhvi.

Kasturee Hajra from UPES School of Health Sciences is interning with Human Health Education and Research Foundation (HHERF) that seeks to build multi-sectoral, sustainable global health networks and ensure that the human race works together to survive and thrive. Says she, “I feel social internships give us a leg up in the profession, providing us with practical work experience and practice to deal with challenges and issues. Having real-world work experience shows the recruiter that we have a clear set of goals that we are actively working towards.”

The internship experience of Anshul Nahal, from UPES School of Business, has been no different. He has been working at Katha, an organisation that straddles the literacy-literature divide. Says he, “I am proud to be associated with an organisation that has helped nearly one million children lift themselves out of poverty over the last three decades through its various programs. The Katha Lab School uses STEM education to make students more employable. We give children the tools they need to address important community issues like health, water, sanitation, and the environment..”

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Pradeep Jagwan
Pradeep Jagwan

The writer is a part of the UPES editorial team

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