Hues of Holi @UPES

  • UPES Editorial Team
  • Published 17/03/2022
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Students celebrating Holi on campus after two years

From splashing colours to dancing their hearts out, UPES students celebrated Holi on campus after two years with full enthusiasm while authorities made sure that it was a happy and safe Holi for every one

One of the most-celebrated festivals in India, Holi marks the end of winter and arrival of spring. The ritual starts by lighting a bonfire prior to the day of Holi, symbolising the triumph of good over evil. The festival of colours was much-awaited by students, who celebrated it on campus after two years. Here’s what they had to say about the celebrations on campus:

Kartik Khanna, MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management student: “This is one festival that students have always looked forward to, planning it well in advance. On the day of Holi, students gather at the UPES hostel ground where everyone merrily plays with colours and water. Students dance on some famous songs as they enjoy celebrating with their friends.”

Hues of Holi @UPES

Jigyasa Pahwa, BA LLB Corporate Law student: “Covered in colours everyone looks the same, everybody is equal, and strangers readily become friends. UPES is my home away from home, not to mention that each festival is celebrated at the campus with great enthusiasm and zest. Holi is planned on a large scale at the campus. The authorities always make sure that it is a happy and safe Holi for each one of us. With vibrant colours, water balloons, exotic dishes, rejuvenating drinks, dance and music, we await this delightful festival. I cannot thank UPES enough for all the experiences that it has added to the book of memories of my college life.”

Hues of Holi @UPES

Rebecca Mishra, BA LLB Criminal Law student: “The general perception towards festivals is that they have a predefined ritual. In the context of Holi, it is playing with gulal and eating hot fritters while dancing to rambunctious dhol beats. Well, UPES does all that and more! UPES students celebrate the festival with such gusto that that no one misses their near and dear ones. It is like having a small family away from home.”

UPES Editorial Team

Written by the UPES Editorial Team

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