5 reasons why theatre is the perfect medium for personality development

  • By a Correspondent
  • Published 26/03/2021
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5 reasons why theatre is the perfect medium for personality development

UPES students organised various events to mark the occasion of World Theatre Day

Theatre is a collaborative form of performing art, which teaches valuable life skills. As a premier institution of learning, UPES has always celebrated the joy of theatre by creating an ecosystem where students can explore their creative potential while pursuing their degrees

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players.” This famous quote of Shakespeare from his play As You Like It aptly captures the essence of theatre. Theatre is art imitating life, and through it, people get closer to both art and life. A form of entertainment that has survived through the centuries, theatre remains an important platform for self-expression and freedom. It allows for creativity to flourish while enabling people to learn valuable life skills. This World Theatre Day, UPES celebrates the joy and freedom of theatre and its significance in enriching the lives of students.

Initiated by the International Theatre Institute in 1961, World Theatre Day is observed every year on March 27 to mark the importance of this art form. Across schools, colleges and even corporate institutes, theatre is ubiquitous. There is always a theatre club for aspiring students and artists to come together and express themselves. Encompassing other performing arts such as singing, dancing, acting, theatre gives students a wide range to explore. It moulds personalities by helping students discover their hidden talents and achieving their true potential. Here are a few reasons why students should try this form of art.

  1. Builds confidence: Performing in front of an audience can be intimidating. Theatre helps shed those inhibitions and builds the confidence to face a crowd. By pushing students out of their comfort zone, theatre prepares them to face social challenges in the future, both personally and professionally.
  2. Teaches effective communication: To progress in life, you need to communicate effectively so that the intended message gets delivered. This requires mastering the balance between verbal and non-verbal communication. Theatre enhances one’s communication skills both through words and actions. The dialogue delivery skills help imbibe the ability to express thoughts in a clear and concise manner while speaking in front of a large audience, thus preparing students for the boardroom presentations of the future.
  3. Fosters creativity and awareness: Theatre is driven by imagination and creativity. And by being a part of it, students learn creative ways to problem-solving. The improvisation technique followed in theatre helps build the ability of quick thinking and adaptability. Theatre is also a medium for social, political, and cultural change. Plays have always been used to address social problems. By working on such thought-provoking ideas, a student gets to become more aware and conscious of several burning issues.
  4. Inculcates team spirit: A play is a collaborative effort of the actors, writers, musicians, designers, technicians, and many other skilled individuals. Everyone has to play their part to ensure the success of a play, and it’s this environment of teamwork that instils in students the ability to collaborate and work with different kinds of people.
  5. Instils discipline: Sticking to rehearsal schedules, remembering lines, following direction, listening to feedback—theatre inculcates a sense of discipline and the value of following it.

Over the years, UPES has built a cultural ecosystem where students can explore their creative potential while pursuing their degrees. There are theatre societies such as ‘Xhileration’ and ‘Paradigm Revived’, a performing arts society called ‘Vultus- The Face Shifter’, as well as other cultural and dance societies. All these clubs come together to organise various festivals, creating a culture of creativity. 

By a Correspondent
By a Correspondent

The writer is a correspondent from the UPES editorial team

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