7 Best Cafes in Dehradun to Enjoy a Meal With your Bestie after Classes

  • Mansha Dhingra
  • Published 29/05/2019
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7 Best Cafes in Dehradun to Enjoy a Meal With your Bestie after Classes

A beautiful and serene place, Dehradun is known for its scenic, lush green and popular hill stations in Uttarakhand. Also, the capital city of Uttarakhand is endowed with fascinating tourist attractions like streams, heritage monuments, museums and temples. Apart from this, what excites the young crowd, or the tourists are the cafes in Dehradun. Cafes are a good place to relax, chill and hang out with your friends or family. Some cafes in Dehradun offer cozy and serene spaces to spend a perfect evening. Be it hot-piping delicious pizza, momos or a chocolaty Oreo shake, these best cafes in Dehradun are paradise for all foodies.

1. Café de Piccolo

This amazing cozy café offers everything from excellent Italian food, hot coffee to beautiful view and one of its kind décor. Good music, food and a calm place makes it as one of the best cafes in Dehradun.

Café de Piccolo

Source: b.zmtcdn.com

2. Café Marigold

With calm ambience, brick-designed interior, sprawling outdoor seating and affordable food menu, this popular café in Dehradun is a must to visit. All day breakfast and finger licking food, Café Marigold is an ideal place to sit back, relax, unwind and spend some time with your friends and family.

 Café Marigold

Source: www.google.com

3. Raamatazz Cafe

This café is situated inside a posh bunglow near Race Course. Café Razzmatazz offers a wide range of coffees, shakes, soups, pastas, salads and sandwiches. But more than the food, the interior, colour combinations, garden seating arrangement and serene surrounding away from the din of the city, makes this cafe, one of the popular hangout places for people.

Raamatazz Cafe

Source: media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

4. Kalsang, Ama Café

If you are fond of Chinese, Thai and continental delicacies, fast foods, baked stuff and plenty of beverages Kalsang, Ama café is one of the best places to visit. Soothing music and great hospitality Kalsang AMA is one of the most renowned and oldest cafes in Dehradun.

Kalsang, Ama café

Source: b.zmtcdn.com

5. Best Buddy’s Restro Café

Best Buddy’s Restro café is on its way to Mussoorie. The café is famed for sumptuous Asian cuisines, Indian street food and bakery stuff. Artistic ambience, tasty food and impeccable service, Best Buddy’s Restro is by far the best café in town. This café should be on your bucket list when you next visit Dehradun.

 Best Buddy’s Restro Café

Source: scontent-sea1-1.cdninstagram.com

6. Rising Dough

Simple décor, wide spread menu, and reasonable price; Rising Dough is a renowned café and bakery at Dehradun. Moreover, whether it is grabbing quick munchies or just a cup of cappuccino and soothing music, this is an exciting cafe to stop by for a while.

Rising Dough

Source: media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

7. Eddie’s Coffee shops and bakery

Dehradun is also known for its exquisite bakeries and one cannot miss Eddie’s Patisserie. This café and bakery is one of the most buzzing and famous cafes in Dehradun well-known for its delicious cakes, pastries, brownies and other baked items. Vibrant, cozy and spacious outdoor sitting area, chilling out at Eddie’s Patisserie is a perfect café which can help you relax and chill.

Eddie’s Coffee shops and bakery

Source: www.tripoto.com

Wonderful ambience and exotic menu, these cafes should be in your bucket list the next time you visit Dehradun. Apart from these cafes, explore these tourist places in Dehradun.

Mansha Dhingra
Mansha Dhingra

The writer is a part of the UPES editorial team

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