UPES collaborates with NGOs to celebrate the joy of giving

  • Ekta Kashyap
  • Published 28/10/2021
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An NGO displaying products made by the underprivileged at the UPES fair 

An NGO displaying products made by the underprivileged at the UPES fair
Spreading cheer among the underprivileged, UPES Social Internship Team in collaboration with Dehradun-based NGOs organised a two-day fair, which displayed products made by orphaned children, marginalised women and promising artists

Sometimes, the biggest changes begin with a simple act of selflessness. Lives can be transformed, and futures built by restoring hope among the most vulnerable. Such deeds are anything but ordinary.

To celebrate the spirit of giving, UPES’ Social Internship Team under the Career Services Department organised a two-day fair, wherein Dehradun-based NGOs exhibited their products made by the underprivileged communities. Other attractions included ‘Rangoli-making’ competition, ‘Best-out-of-waste’ contest and a ‘nukkad natak’.

The Diwali Mela was held on October 26 at the Kandoli campus and October 27 at the Bidholi campus. Displayed products included exquisite handicrafts, candles and other gift items.


Image credit: Law student Divya Vasudev


Hues of Holi @UPESHues of Holi @UPES

The response of students and faculty was overwhelming as they came out wholeheartedly to support the cause.

BBA LLB student Divya Vasudev was happy that she got a chance to give back to the society and connect with various NGOs. She says, “We need to bring consciousness to remove unconsciousness from within us; we need to bring wisdom to remove ignorance from within us. This can happen if we all help each other in whichever way we can.”

Highlighting the intention behind the fair, Kirti Chandani, student of School of Computer Science, says, “The main motive of this initiative was to help less privileged people and small-scale business by promoting their work. UPES gave a wonderful platform to them for showcasing their work.”


A student performing at the ‘Diwali mela’; Image credit: Divya Vasud


  • I.D.E.A.L Foundation: Inclusive Development for Education and Learning (I.D.E.A.L) is an initiative formed and led by activists from different spheres of life. It works towards climatic resilience and conservation of environment by focusing on building sustainable societies.
    Building Dreams Foundation: Promoting the social development of disadvantaged children and communities, Building Dreams Foundation serves the deprived sections in India. Their focus areas include food, education, environment and empowerment.
    Him Foundation: The institution was established in the year 2013 to bridge the gap between contributors and the underprivileged. Anybody who wants to help others can freely walk into their centre and discuss the ways in which he/she can contribute towards the cause they care for.
  • Shuruwat Foundation: This NGO has been working consistently on some of the most pressing issues of society such as education, environment protection, animal welfare and healthcare. Their list of initiatives includes Shuruwat ki Paathshala that promotes education among the disadvantaged groups; creating awareness on cleanliness and environmental protection among the local residents; supporting street animals by providing them food and shelter; and organising regular events and camps with doctors and health experts to facilitate proper medical help to those who cannot afford to pay for medical facilities.
  • Vichar Samiti: This NGO works towards improving ecological, economic, social as well as cultural aspects of the lives of the needy. They aspire to create a model of sustainable, participative development through awareness and social action for overall growth leading to better living standards.

    Through such programs, UPES intends to do its part for the community and inculcate among students a sense of compassion. To make the world better, education must be inclusive and equitable and work towards eliminating all forms of discrimination.
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