Ch. Varaprasad

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade (DOJ - 10.09.2007, Regular)

B.Tech (Chemical Engineering), College of Engineering, Andhra University 

M.Tech (Chemical Engineering), IIT, Kharagpur

Area of Specialization:

Petroleum Refining, Particle Technology, Environmental Engineering

Research & Publications:

National Conferences:

  • Methane reforming with CO2 through Eley Rideal mechanism activated alumina and molecular sieves as the catalyst -CHEMCON 2012
  • Reduction in efflux time using mixed solutions of polymers and surfactants -CHEMCON 2015
  • Natural Gas Dehydration by using Trietylene Glycol -CHEMCON 2015
  • "Upgrading heavy oil via doped nanocatalysts-CHEMCON 2016"