To be an Institution of Global standing for developing professionally competent talent contributing to nation building.


  • Develop industry focused professionals with global outlook in Energy, Infrastructure, Transportation, IT and allied sectors.
  • Deliver world class education meeting or preferably exceeding students’ expectations.
  • Inculcate integrative thought process among students that draws professional respect.
  • Develop knowledge creation environment through training, research & development, and consultancy.
  • Facilitate effective interactions among faculty and students, and foster networking with stake-holders.
  • Practice and promote high standards of professional ethics, transparency and accountability at all levels.
  • Develop Environmentally sustainable & reciprocal relationship with society at large.

Vision of SoB

  • To create a pool of Industry deployable/employable professionals in Management, Economics and Policy for the Energy, Infrastructure, Transport and ITES domains through structured programs.
  • To provide an ecosystem that promotes development of world class faculty and teaching resources who will exhibit/demonstrate in depth knowledge of above domains.
  • To evolve as a thought leader in chosen domains by undertaking cutting edge research and advisory activities.
  • To engage with industry practitioners and be abreast with contemporary knowledge and business practices.
  • To inculcate human values among the SoB fraternity.
  • To engage with industry practitioners and acquire relevant knowledge of current practices.