7 reasons to pursue Public Administration

  • Aditya Mukherjee
  • Published 06/08/2022
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7 reasons to pursue Public Administration

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If you have the passion to work in an NGO, or want to pursue a career as a budget analyst, go for a degree in Public Administration

Public administration is considered an important component of social sciences. There are some common misconceptions among students and parents about this particular branch of study. They don’t have much idea and information about its career prospects in public and private sector.

If you have the passion to work in an NGO or want to pursue a career as a budget analyst, or as a research analyst, a degree in public administration seems right up your alley. If you have an inclination towards teaching, a degree in public administration can do wonders for your career.

Public administration as a subject is part of political science at the graduation level. Public administration course is widely popular in countries like the US, Canada and Singapore.

This branch of study provides students with a cornucopia of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in public sector management, policy development, and labour relations.

Public administration jobs are very rewarding, considering that after completing a degree, you can have a unique scope in working for the government in the capacity of a public administration consultant.

Qualities needed in this field of study 

One has to have an innovative mind, leadership quality, analytical skills, awareness of public administration rules and regulations and effective communication skills and data handling capabilities.

A degree in Bachelor of Public Administration provides ample opportunities for teaching in the public policy field as well as public management. It can help one secure a job in governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, management jobs in hospitals or public health institutions.

Public administration focuses on areas like public resources, public accountability, technology, analysis and solutions and synthesis of contemporary managerial problems.

Why one should study Public Administration

  • Rural development is a crucial component of public administration. Those with a degree in Public Administration can try for jobs in UNICEF as well. The ministry of rural development advertises vacancies for posts like public policy analyst and research analyst. One can always apply for these government posts.
  • Public administration programmes focus on values of social responsibility and civic engagement. So, if one likes working with people at the grassroots level, it’s a perfect area of study. These programmes also focus on the need for ethical exigency and decision-making capabilities, preparing one to take on the challenges facing our diverse communities.
  • As a student of public administration, one can gain valuable leadership skills that employers always look for in a candidate. These key leadership skills include adaptability, empathy, transparency, humility, communication, emotional intelligence, and commitment to a vision.
  • A degree in public administration offers a plethora of career growth opportunities besides improving one’s knowledge base. Those gifted with strong communication skills, have an eye for detail, and are conversant with the nuances of public administration rules and regulations, can reach dizzying heights of success in this profession.
  • Contrary to what many people believe, a degree in public administration can help one land even lucrative jobs. Rather, a degree opens the floodgates to various career opportunities for students. They can either choose to work in the public sector or pursue higher education also. These days, students, appearing for their civil services, choose public administration as one of their main subjects. Such is the growing popularity of the course that more and more students are opting for it.
  • Many public administration programmes have an international focus as it helps one study the methods in which governments and economies of other foreign countries respond to public issues. It is this particular aspect that attracts students from other parts of the world. This gives one the unique chance to develop an international network.
  • Studying public administration would strengthen one’s resolve to work at an NGO. These include working for the betterment of the needy and homeless besides fighting for human rights, delivering health care and empowering women through gender sensitisation.
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