Faculty Department

Prasanthi Kumari N

Prasanthi Kumari. N, Ph. D

Associate Professor (DOJ-18-07-2009, Regular)

Email Id: [email protected]

B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering)from J.N.T.U. ( Kakinada –Campus), 2000

M.Tech.(Digital .Systems. Computer .Electronics) from J.N.T.U.(Ananthapur – Campus),2004

Ph.D (Electronics) from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun., 2015.

Area of Specialization:

Antenna Design & RF circuits, Metamaterials and its implementations, low power VLSI circuits.


  • Adesh Kumar, Rajesh Singh, N. Prasanthi, Amit Kumar “New Apporach For Modular Multiplication Design Using VLSI Design Tools” International Conference on Advances in Computing and Communication (ICACC) April 2011, at National Institute of Technology (NIT) Hamirpur India.
  • Adesh Kumar, N. Prasanthi “Modeling, Simulation and Design of landline Switching Modules using VLSI design techniques” paper is presented in 5thUttarakhand State Science & Technology Congress, Nov 2010 held at Doon University, Dehradun India.
  • Prasanthi.N ,Piyush Kuchhal, Mukulk.Gupta “Miniaturization of Sub wave length antenna using SRR DNG metamaterials TERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCES IN ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING (ICAEEE-2011) MIT moradabad (FEBRUARY 25-26, 2011)
  • Prasanth.N ,Piyush Kuchhal K.Vijay Kumar “Design of antenna for mobile applications using metamaterials”IETE NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON RECENT ADVANCEMENTS IN COMMUNICATIONS & ELECTRONICS Andhra pradesh (RACE-2011) 11-12, MARCH-2011.
  • Prasanthi.N ,Praful Ranjan R.Gowri ,Piyush Kuchhal,“Design of dual band metamaterial antenna for handset applications” IEEE ICWITS, University of Hawaii, US. 14-16 Nov 2012.
  • Prasanthi.N, PrafulR.Gowri ,Piyush Kuchhal, “DESIGN AND FABRICATION OF MINIATURIZED METAMATERIAL ANTENNA FOR MOBILE AND WIRELESS APPLICATIONS: International Journal of Advances in Engineering & Technology, ISSN: 2231:1963 pp 1687-1692. Sept. 2013.
  • N. Prasanthi Kumari, Dr. Ravi Gowri, Dr. Prashant Raawat, Dr. Piyush Kuchhal, “Reactance response of metamaterial antenna for mobile handsets” International Journal of Applied Engineering Research ISSN 0973-4562 Volume 10, Number 15 (2015) pp 35342-35344.
  • Praful Ranjan, Mahesh Kumar Aghwariyaand Dr. Prasanthi Nunna, “CYLINDRICAL METALLIC PIN STRUCTURE MICROSTRIP PATCH ANTENNA FOR WIDEBAND APPLICATION”ICICID-2016 pp471-477 springer series. April 2016.
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  • Raj Gaurav Mishra, Ranjan Mishra, Piyush Kuchhal, N. Prasanthi Kumari, Design and Analysis of CPW-Fed Microstrip Patch Antennas for Wide Band Applications, Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Inventive Computing and Informatics (ICICI 2017), Coimbatore, ISBN: 978-1-5386-4031-9, 23-24 November 2017.
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Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Member in NAAC TASK FORCE in the UPES.
  • Worked as Lab coordinator for 4 years.(Lab setup : Microwave lab and Electronic devices and Circuits lab &Basic Electronics lab).
  • Virtual labs (MHRD) familiarization to faculty and staff.
  • Class Coordinator for 4 years.
  • Worked as Time Table In-charge for the ECE Dept.
  • Member in examination cell.
  • Load distribution in the dept.
  • Worked as in-charge faculty in NODAL CENTER JNTU(KAKINADA)


  • Ph.D Guidance: Guided 01, Ongoing 02
  • Taught Avionics Course for B.Sc Avionics CCE, UPES Delhi.
  • Member in Technical Committee and Reviewer for 40 papers, in ICICCD-2017, Planner and manger for SESSION CHAIR- ICICCD-2017.
  • Member in Technical Committee and Reviewer for 40 papers, in ICICCD-2016, Planner and manger for SESSION CHAIR- ICICCD-2016.
  • Reviewer for journal IJAET,ISSN: 2231:196.
  • Conducted one-day workshop on “NIGHT VISION TECHNOLOGY THROUGH THERMAL IMAGING” by Mr. SeshaGiri, IRDE, in 2017.
  • Conducted training on “Antenna Design& RF Design” in ANSYS HFSS for students and faculty in 2017.
  • Reviewed paper in IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Magazine in 2018
  • Conducted three-day workshop on “Networking & Cyber Crime” in 27th to 29th of Nov 2014