Dr Deepak Kumar

Associate Professor  (DOJ - 01.05.2007, Regular)

M.Tech (CAD, CAM), MNNIT, Allahabad

Ph.D. ( Mechanical), University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun

SIMAP, IIT Chennai

Certified Virtual Teacher from University of California, Irvine

Area of Specialization:

Engines, Alternate fuels, Industrial Automation, Hydraulic systems, Pneumatic systems, Programmable logic controller, Computer Aided design, Computer Aided manufacturing, Mechanics, Engineering Graphics

Research & Publications:

  • Deepak Kumar, Ajay Kumar, Amneesh Singla, Rishi Dewan, “Production and tribological characterization of castor based biodieselMaterialstoday: Proceedings, year 2021, doi.org/10.1016/j.matpr.2021.02.009
  • Deepak Kumar ,Rishi Dewan, Rudraksh Sharma; “Design and Fabrication of Hybrid Land-Air Vehicle”, Proceedings of International Conference on Machine Intelligence and Data Science Application, Year 2020,
  • Ramesh M, Deepak Kumar; “Effects of Aging Temperature, Time During Transition from Brittle to Ductile on Fracture Behavior of Zinc Coated AA7075”, Annales de Chimie - Science des Matériaux, Volume 44(3), Year 2020, Pages 211-216
  • Deepak Kumar, Rishi Dewan, G S S Sivan, J D Irani, M S Ahluwalia, A Arora; “Autonomous Terrain Rover Equipped With Long Range Wireless Telemetry Control System And Sensor Technology”, International conference on advances in the field of Health, Safety, Fire, Environment, Allied sciences and Engineering (HSFEA 2020), December 18-19, 2020, UPES, Dehradun, Year 2020,
  • Kurien, Caneon; Srivastava, Ajay Kumar; Kumar, Deepak, “Geometric design validation of oxidation catalysis system in composite regeneration emission control system
    International Journal of Vehicle Structures and Systems, Volume 11, Year 2019, Pages 83-87
  • Dyundi, S., Matolia, S., Singla, A., Kumar, Deepak.,Singh, Y., Sharma, A., Bhurat, S., Upadhyay, A.K. “Review on Biodiesel Production and Emission Characteristic of Non-Edible Vegetable Oil”, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and engineering, Volume 691, Year 2019.
  • Rawat, Aviral;Verma, Gaurav;Phadke, Navneet;Pruthi, Yajur;Kumar, Deepak, “Wireless Control System for Enhancing Passenger Safety in the Event of Driver Hostilities for Commercial Vehicles”, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Volume 624, Year 2018, Pages 1697-1705
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  • Kumar, Deepak; Singla, Amneesh, “Design of Rocker-Bogie for Military applications”, ICAMEES 2018, Volume Year 2018, Pages
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  • Kumar, Deepak; Garg, Rajnish; Tripathi, R K; “Experimental investigation on emissions of direct injection diesel engine operating on dual fuel mode with Polanga based biodiesel and Ethanol”, International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 5(2), Year 2014, Pages 1641-51
  • Kumar, Deepak; Garg, Rajnish; R K, Tripathi; “Optimization of biodiesel production process from low cost high FFA Polanga (Calophyllum Inophyllum L.) oil” International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 5(10), Year 2014, Pages 695-701
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  • Kumar, Ajay; Kumar, Deepak; Abhishek, Pandey “GI Pipe Based Ranque Tube Set Up For Experimentation, Validation And Viability of Ranque Refrigeration Method As A Source Of Low Cost Simultaneous Heating And Cooling Applications”, International Journal of Science, Technology and Management (IJSTM), Volume 2(1), Year 2011, Pages 85-93
  • Ajay Kumar, Deepak Kumar, R.K. Tripathi, Jagadeesan M, Design of efficient post combustion co2 capture and recovery system for a fossil fuel thermal power plant. International Journal of Sc. Tech and Man. April 2012; 3 (1):  26-35.  


  • Microwave Assisted Composite Regeneration System For A Diesel Particulate Filter  
    Dr. Ajay Kumar; Kurien, Caneon; Kumar, Deepak, Patent No. 201911035506;
  • Short Distance Telemetry System For Elucidation  
    Dr. Deepak Kumar, Dr. Abhay Kumar, Dr. Natraj Mishra, Jasjeet Singh, Ankur Kohali;
  • A System For Authenticating A Driving License
    Dr. Deepak Kumar, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Mr. Vinay Chowdary, Subhransu Sourav Priyadarshan, Shivam  Thapliyal, Atishay Jain, Akash Chauhan;
  • Robotic Apparatus 
    Dr. Deepak Kumar, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Jasjeet Singh, Raman Bala, Namya Kamboj, Namita Kamboj;
  • A Driver-Assistance System And Method For Assisting A Driver During Night And Foggy Weather 
    Dr. Deepak Kumar, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Jasjeet Singh, Ankur Kohali, Ayush Vats
  • System And Method For Identifying And Monitoring A Person Infected By A Virulent Respiratory Virus   
    Dr. Deepak Kumar, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Jasjeet Singh, Ankur Kohali, Ayush Vats
  • Contactless Doorbell Apparatus 
    Dr. Deepak Kumar, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Jasjit Singh, Namya Kamboj, Namita Kamboj, Archik Goswami
  • Autonomous Apparatus To Operate Elevator 
    Dr. Deepak Kumar, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Aayush Vats, Ankur Kohli, Jasjit Singh
  • An Automatic Elevator Key Panel Disinfecting System 
    Dr. Deepak Kumar, Dr. Ajay Kumar, Jasjeet Singh, Raman Bala, Namya Kamboj, Namita Kamboj


  • Effect of Nano additives shape, size and concentration on the tribological behavior of bio lubricant.
    Role: PI Year: 2019.
  • Intuitive external attachment: ECS for collection of exhaust gases from the engine and nano filtration for sustainability
    Role: Co-PI Year: 2016 (completed)