Santosh Kumar Kurre

Assistant Professor - Selection Grade (DOJ - 04.09.2010, Regular)

B.E. (Mechanical Engineering), Pt. Ravi Shankar Shukla University Raipur, 2002

M.E.(Tribology & Maintenance Engineering), SGSITS Indore ,  2004

Ph.D. (Engine tribology, mechanical engineering) UPES, Dehradun, 2019

Area of Specialization:

Engine Tribology, Biofuels, Lubrication and Lubricant, Bio Lubricant, Spectroscopy

Research & Publications:

  • S.K. Kurre, S. Pandey, N. Khatri, S.S. Bhurat, S.K. Kumawat, S. Saxena, S. Kumar (2020), Study of Lubricating Oil Degradation of CI Engine Fueled with Diesel- Ethanol Blend, Tribology in industry, DOI: 10.24874/ti.913.06.20.11
  • Sharad Walia, Sahil Kumar, Sahil Thakur, Santosh K. Kurre (2019) Structural Analysis of Power Generation through Footstep International Journal for Research in Engineering Application & Management (IJREAM) ISSN : 2454-9150 Vol-05, Issue-05, Aug 2019
  • Praveenkumar, S., Kurre, S., Raghunath, K., & Satheesh, S. (2018). Study of centrifugal pumps used to handle two phase mixture in various industrial applications. Indian Journal of Scientific Research, 238-251.
  • Kurre, S. K., Garg, R., & Pandey, S. (2017). A review of biofuel generated contamination, engine oil degradation and engine wear. Biofuels, 8(2), 273-280
  • Kurre, S. K., Pandey, S., Garg, R., & Saxena, M. (2015). Condition monitoring of a diesel engine fueled with a blend of diesel, biodiesel, and butanol using engine oil analysis. Biofuels, 6(3-4), 223-231.
  • Kurre, S. K., Pandey, S., Garg, R., & Saxena, M. (2015). Experimental study of the performance and emission of diesel engine fueled with blends of diesel–ethanol as an alternative fuel. Biofuels, 6(3-4), 209-216
  • Kurre, S. K., Ansari, M. S., Jain, V., Baliyan, S., & Singh, A(2015) . Rheological Study of Virgin and Used Lubricant Oils Journal of Material Science and Mechanical Engineering (JMSME) Print ISSN: 2393-9095; Online ISSN: 2393-9109; Volume 2, Number 5; April-June, 2015 pp. 447-451
  • Kurre, S. K., Pandey, S., & Saxena, M. (2013). Effect of compression ratio on diesel engine performance and emission with diesel-ethanol blends. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, 4(10), 775-779.


Conference paper

  • S Dravid, J Yadav, S K Kurre, A Kumar, R Kumar, Experimental Evaluation of the Performance of Diaphragm Spring Clutch of A Four-Stroke Multi-Cylinder Petrol Engine under Dry Friction Conditions, 4thInternational Conference on Intelligent Communication, Control and Devices - 2020, Year 2020, at UPES, Dehradun.
  • J Yadav, S K Kurre, FEM BASED IMPACT ANALYSIS OF ROLL CAGE OF AN ALL-TERRAIN VEHICLE, International Conference on Recent Advances in Design, Materials and Manufacturing (ICRADMM 2020) 15th and 16th October 2020, Volume, Year 2020, at Amity University Gwalior - 474 005 
  • S K Kurre, J Yadav, S Thakur, COMPARATIVE STUDY OF THE REAR AND REAR SIDE IMPACT ON A ROLL CAGE USING FEM, International Conference on Recent Advances in Design, Materials and Manufacturing (ICRADMM 2020) 15th and 16th October 2020, Year 2020, Amity University Gwalior - 474 005
  • S K Kurre, S Pandey, R Garg, M Saxena, Effect of butanol on performance and emission of a compression ignition engine fueled with diesel- butanol blends, 24th national conference on IC engine and combustion, Volume 2, Year 2015, Pages 70-75
  • D.P.S. chauhan, Santosh Kurre, Feature extraction for lubrication monitoring in gear system, All India seminar on Advances in tribology and Maintenance at Medi- Caps Institute of technology and Management, Indore M.P., Year 2007,


  • Extendable chair cum cloth hanger, Dr. Jitendra Yadav, Santosh Kurre, Shubham Thakur Ayush Sinhle,  Sayan Saha, filed on, 2020-09-11
  • Chainless transmission system for bicycles, Dr. Jitendra Yadav, Surajit Mondal, Dr.Santosh Kurre,Pawan Kumar Yadav,Lakshmi Kaushik, Manohar Bhati, published on,  2020-11-24


  • Dynamic Analysis of loosening of mechanical bolts under various loading conditions and vibrations’ Role - CO-PI, Funding Agency: UPES, undergoing, Amount 150000, 
  • Endurance Analysis and Tribological Studies of Diesel Engines fuelled with Bio-butanol and Diesel. Role - CO-PI, Funding Agency: UCOST, Dehradun, completed,  Amount 7.95 lakhs 2012 - 2016