5 characteristics of a good product design

  • Mansha Dhingra
  • Published 12/01/2021
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5 characteristics of a good product design

There are several aspects and nuances of a successful product design, Designers need to keep in mind some important factors while conceptualising a product

Product design is an essential part of developing an idea into a viable, marketable product. It involves creating new products or refinement of existing designs to improve the functionality, performance and appeal. It also entails checking the design, eliminating flaws and planning towards making a better product.

Product designers should have a sharp business mind, a strong eye for aesthetic appeal, and the ability to analyse feedback.

Here are some key aspects to keep in mind while designing a product.

Utility:  Utility is the foundation of customer needs. The first thing that a buyer considers while evaluating a product is whether it satisfies his or her needs or not. A product can be successful only if it ensures market acceptance and usefulness. Every component of the design should be able to serve a valuable purpose. Any aspect of design that is not beneficial to the user can detract from the user experience of the product.

Aesthetically relevant: Aesthetics plays an important role in the future of product design. It brings up a positive attitude in the users. The product needs to be functional and easy-to-use while at the same time it should possess aesthetic power. This is because people want products that do wonders, while not looking ugly. Imagine all the Apple fans. The same goes for digital products such as software, apps or websites. A designer who wants to keep improving and developing skills should never miss out on aesthetic sense.

Simplicity: As said by German Industrial Designer Dieter Rams, “Good design is as little design as possible”. Therefore, simplicity plays a vital role in product design as much in life. Crafting something simple and functional allows people to immediately understand what the product does and how they can use it. A good product designer must always showcase aesthetic ability, functionality and instinctive simplicity. Without simplicity, a product will never be able to attract consumers.  

Innovative: Products should offer something new and revolutionary to connect with the consumers. A better-looking product will win over the users immediately. Product designers should focus on the desires of end-users, business goals and the available technology to develop an innovative product.

Longevity: Good product design never goes out of style. Good design is timeless, and if a product is well-designed, it will last for long. Long-lasting and sustainable products are more valuable, better for the planet, and are a testament to the skills of the designer. Antiques, vintage clothing, old cars — these things are still with us today because the people who designed them built them to last.

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Mansha Dhingra
Mansha Dhingra

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