Flex your creative muscles with a course in Graphics and Communication Design

  • Aditya Mukherjee
  • Published 20/09/2022
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For the creatively inclined, a Graphics and Communication Design course is an ideal career choice. If you operate in a digital field, you can work from anywhere in the world

If you want to let your creative juices flow and make the world sit up and take note of your imaginative leap, then a career in graphics and communication design is your best choice. The world becomes your oyster.

The skills that you get to learn in Graphics and Communication Design will turn you into an expert at typography, image design, layout design, branding, research methods, digital design, web-based design, photography, and graphics technology.

Communication design is basically a generalised field that helps you develop your professional competence on developing messaging strategies and campaigns. Graphic design, on the other hand, is a specialized discipline which focuses on creating key visual elements.

The role of a communication designer is to use these visual elements seamlessly to engage the target audience through cogent messages.

Why study Graphics Design

For the creatively inclined, graphic design is an ideal career choice. If you operate in a digital field, you can work from anywhere in the world.

You can land a stable job in a multinational firm, and even work on marketing campaigns with local businesses. If you have in-demand graphic design skills, then you can freelance by cherry picking your own clients.

For beginners, the design business has a huge potential for job growth. Candidates who complete graphic design courses can work in a variety of industries, including interior design, animation, fashion, and others.

These industries are going to create more job opportunities in the coming years as no other. The interior design and fashion retail industries are expected to rise by 8.5 and 9.7 per cent, respectively.

In the coming decades, traditional graphic design fields such as book design, journalism will go out of vogue, yielding place to specialised skills such as video editing, computer systems design, animation, and mobile advertising.

Benefits of Communication Design course

Advancement in technology has opened a plethora of possibilities for Communication Design. This course enables a student to ramp up apps, augmented reality, and virtual reality. Now that we are embracing Metaverse, this course has assumed relevance like never before.

Communication Design is all about honing the technique of storytelling. Notwithstanding its mediums, the tools and the methods, the emphasis is on constructing and presenting a story. This discipline seeks to develop a rapport between the receiver and the message.

A creative communication designer would use design thinking and the elements of design to strategically plan a brand message for a large audience. They choose the nuances of the information contained in that message. They also take a call as to where and when to deliver the message to the target audience.

Career paths for Graphics and Communication Design graduates

A degree in Graphics and Communication Design offers a spectrum of choices for aspiring candidates.

Some of the most popular career options after pursuing this discipline are: Graphic designer, web designer, publication designer, animator/motion graphics, UI artist, user experience designer, illustrator, art director, game designer, video editor, filmmaker.

There is also no dearth of internship opportunities, which is the best way to acquire hands-on skills while cutting one’s teeth in real-world applications and techniques. Interns should display innovation and entrepreneurial drive besides having sufficient skills in business, art, technology, and project management.

Once you complete your degree in Graphic and Communication Design, an exciting world of opportunities awaits you. You get to work in modern design studios which are vibrant and stress-free as compared to corporate offices with strict work cultures.

Creative studios these days value individuality with relaxed dress codes, flexible working hours and quirky workspaces. Working as part of a creative team is invigorating and real fun, and for the self-employed designer, there is the option of sharing work, feedback, and advice with fellow designers.

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Student Guidance Center: Our Counselors are Just a Click Away.

Aditya Mukherjee
Aditya Mukherjee

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