How to become a fashion stylist

  • UPES Editorial Team
  • Published 24/12/2021
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How to become a fashion stylist

Students who aspire to become fashion stylists can begin their journey by enrolling in a design program at UPES

Italian fashion designer Miuccia Prada once said, “What you wear is how you present yourself to the world…fashion is an instant language.” Indeed, fashion is a language that builds an immediate connection between people. Actors, musicians, sportspersons, and even politicians and business executives often capture people’s attention with their impeccable fashion sense, which reflects their personalities and intrigues people to know more about them. These styles, however, are visualised and created by fashion stylists working behind the scenes.  

Fashion stylists are professionals who create a person’s visual aesthetic intending to appeal to a certain audience. They work across a wide range of industries – from political campaigns to e-commerce, professional photoshoots and sports events. For students interested in becoming fashion stylists, it is crucial to understand the nuances of the field.  

Different types of fashion stylists:

  • Celebrity Stylists arrange and create looks for celebrities for various events like red carpets, movie premieres, press interviews, award functions, and other public appearances. They consider all aspects of the celebrity’s appearance while creating these looks such as clothing, hair, makeup and accessories. Their responsibilities include personal shopping for the celebrities for items like shoes, bags, accessories, and wardrobe, developing a signature look, and planning photoshoots, brand campaigns, and various magazines/editorial projects using their expertise and in-depth research.  
  • Runway Stylists work on the looks showcased on runway shows and during fashion weeks where renowned designers gather to exhibit their collections. They align the brand’s identity and signature fashion statements with the theme of the shows.
  • Corporate Stylists assist working professionals in building their desired corporate image such that their appearance helps strengthen their influence at work. They help clients dress as per social settings, workplace environment, professional events, office parties, corporate award shows, job interviews, and more. They also offer etiquette training to clients to build their confidence and create a powerful corporate image.
  • E-Commerce Stylists develop different looks for brands and catalogues for e-commerce websites. They also work with retailers and manufacturers. Many e-commerce stylists are freelancers who work with several production houses, photographers, and designers of their choice.
  • Sports Stylists prepare looks for professional athletes. For a celebrity in the sports industry, their aesthetics are key to creating a public image, as well as securing remunerative endorsements and positive publicity.
  • Image Consultants are stylists who focus on personal grooming, etiquette training, and overall personality development. They help people express themselves through their appearance and body language.

Steps to become a fashion stylist

How to become a fashion stylist

Students who aspire to become fashion stylists can follow these steps to enter the industry:

  • Start with learning the basics and nuances of styling, which include understanding different body types, colour schemes, texture and more.
  • Earn a degree in fashion design. UPES School of Design offers courses in fashion design that are aligned with industry and global standards.
  • Create a network of professionals and acquire hands-on experience through internships. UPES, through its industry connect and collaborations with international academia, provides a world of opportunities for students to gain practical experience of working in the industry.  
  • Select a niche in the styling space. Students should analyse their interests, passions, and skills and ask themselves what problems they can solve for their clients. This is a prime aspect students can highlight when they start their careers. For instance, if clients are working mothers who have little time to focus on their appearances, how can a stylist help them with developing an easy yet effective wardrobe that fits their professions and lifestyle?

Become a fashion stylist entrepreneur

After completing a degree in fashion design from UPES, students can also start their own business. They should thoroughly research their competition in the chosen niche. This is because if the niche has several stylists offering the same services, students will have to stay ahead of the pack with unique, specialised services, or pick another niche they can be equally passionate about. Once students have found their calling, they should go ahead and test their ideas.

The styling industry is highly lucrative and has become in-demand, thanks to the onset of digital media, where one picture reaches millions of people in seconds. Hence, this is the right time to get started on this journey. Take the first step in that direction by enrolling in a design program. Click here.

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