9 engineering projects at UPES that created a social impact

  • Diana George
  • Published 22/12/2021
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UPES School of Engineering students demonstrating drone technology

The students of UPES School of Engineering showcased projects on drones, waste management, women empowerment, water security and fire and safety, among others

Students of UPES School of Engineering recently showcased nine highly ambitious flagship projects at five of the University’s adopted villages – Bidholi, Bishanpur, Upper Kandoli, Pondha and Donga. The projects were named Flying Cars, Electric Cycle, Waste Management, Water Security, First Aid, Fire and Safety, Women Empowerment through Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Solar Driers and Biochar Bio Briquette.


In his address to the gathering, Vice-Chancellor Dr Sunil Rai thanked the Panchayat and the Gram Pradhans for providing UPES with an opportunity to help the villages. The Dean of the School of Engineering, Professor Gurvinder Singh Virk took the opportunity to explain the projects to the community members and thanked the faculty and the students for undertaking projects which will help the villages.

Flying Cars

Under the Flying Cars project, the students demonstrated drones to the audience to show them how UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) can help with community life by transporting materials like medicine and food as well as aiding agricultural activities. The project aims to develop flying cars as a future mode of transport.

Electric Cycle

This project plans to convert ordinary bicycles into electric ones which can be highly useful in hilly and mountainous areas. These cycles come with a chargeable battery system that can last a distance of 20-25 km and recharge while going downhill.


Waste Management

Under this project, the students showed different methods to reduce waste production, such as recycling biodegradable waste to make compost. They also spoke about different types of waste materials and the correct methods for their disposal.


Water Security

Water Security aims to provide clean drinking water to everyone in the village. Students showcased a novel water filter that uses dried orange and sugarcane peels to purify water. The peels soak up the impurities making the water fit for drinking. The project plans to install eco-friendly filters in every house in the village.


First Aid

As part of the First Aid project, the students gave a brief presentation on various first aid equipment. They demonstrated CPR and other safety measures. In future, the project aims to provide 24*7 immediate medical assistance.

Fire and Safety

The students conducted a mock drill, providing insights on what safety steps should be taken during a fire.

Women Empowerment Through Cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

Students spoke about different medicinal plants that are easily available in the village such as chamomile, stevia, tulsi and lemongrass which women can use to manufacture medicines and cosmetics and become financially independent. The project aims to develop natural products and reduce the use of high-cost chemical products.

Solar Dryers

Solar dryers will be used to remove moisture from household food items like cereals, vegetables and pickles. The device runs on solar power and has various fan speed levels which help in quick drying. It saves time and space and is cost-efficient.


Biochar Bio Briquette

Biochar Bio Briquette is an alternate energy source that is efficient and produces less smoke. The briquettes are made of half-burnt wood and cow dung which will convert orange flames to blue flames with less smoke. Biochar Bio Briquette aims to use energy sources that can prevent health-related problems.

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Diana George
Diana George

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