How 5G technology will impact and transform the world

  • Aditya Mukherjee
  • Published 11/09/2022
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How 5G technology will impact and transform the world

At least 40 million smartphone users in India are expected to take up 5G technology in the first year of it becoming available

After the stupendous success of 4G, 5G technology is off to a flying start in the technology landscape. 5G now holds all the aces as it will come as a major boon for the manufacturers as they can exploit to the hilt the advantage of automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Augmented Reality (AR).

Moreover, by using private and public 5G networks, manufacturers can easily link systems inside the factory to the supply chain, distribution warehousing, and customer service. 5G is known to support better logistics, tracking of inventory, and safety enhancement.

There will be no requirement for wired connectivity, leading to a flexible manufacturing environment. 5G technology will hugely impact the production and distribution of goods.

5G applications help in cutting costs, reducing downtime, reducing wastage, and improving productivity. The high reliability and high speed of 5G will also be useful in supporting applications in smart manufacturing such as remote monitoring/maintenance process automation.

5G technology will also support IoT sensors, AI vision cameras, and autonomous robots. Also, IoT sensors will be installed on machines to monitor status and send out alerts for routine maintenance.

Ensuring a smarter and more connected world

According to a study, at least 40 million smartphone users in India are expected to take up 5G in the first year of it becoming available. In fact, they are also ready to shell out 50 percent more for 5G plans that include among others, facilities like bundled digital services.

Not only that. For consumers, 5G will mean a more connected world. In the early stages of 5G, there will be improved mobile broadband (eMBB) and fixed wireless access (FWA). These will promptly address the issue of low fixed broadband penetration in India and improve consumers’ data experience while on the go.

5G will make it convenient for communications service providers in coping with consumers’ growing data needs, resulting in a better overall consumer experience. According to an Ericsson study, the transition to 5G will result in a coma per gigabyte that is 10 times lower than the current 4G.

5G has the potential to make India the world’s first digital superpower. The participation of non-telcos in 5G ecosystem will power innovation and use case development for connected living.

5G will revolutionize the concept of smart cities

Smart cities are now on the radar of authorities. And 5G will be the cherry on the cake. A smart city is expected to have self-driving cars, robots getting into the act of performing surgeries, and buying essential commodities for us – the list will keep growing once we make a go of the concept of smart cities seriously.

All these facilities, supported by smart cities, will not only raise our standards of living but also drive the economic growth of the country.

5G will revitalize the healthcare sector 

The healthcare sector that comprises clinics, hospitals, and other emergency venues may be able to monitor the condition of a person properly only if the equipment they are using support rapid technological advancements.

Such advancements include automated diagnosis, data-driven medicines, video medical assistance, and so on.

To let the healthcare sector comply well with these technological advancements, 5G has come as a shot in the arm. It will be able to deliver the required quality of care to admitted or non-admitted patients through surgeries or medical operations.

It is obvious that to deliver such sort of care, hospitals would be needing high-speed and massive bandwidth, and 5G would make all this possible.

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