Study Electric Vehicle Technology for a career boost

  • Aditya Mukherjee
  • Published 08/09/2022
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Study Electric Vehicle Technology for a career boost

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The expansion of the EV industry will attract younger and result-oriented employees, who can bring value addition to the companies

The automobile sector continues to push the envelope of new technologies in order to introduce fuel-economy and eco-friendly vehicles. The introduction of electric vehicles (EV) is nothing short of a revolution in this sector. The demand for electric vehicles is going up exponentially across the world, especially in European countries apart from India.

According to experts, electronic vehicles create a lower carbon footprint over the course of their lifetime than fuel-powered vehicles that still rely on traditional, internal combustion engines.

Electric vehicles have started stoking engineering aspirants’ interest in this new technology and its growing relevance in a world that is battling climate change and environmental disintegration.

EV specialization is an academic programme that runs the gamut of major and minor projects designed as per industry and user-oriented solution. It also encompasses an entire range of hands-on experience in the hybrid, electric and renewable energy domain.

This programme has been specially tailored to make the candidates aware about electric vehicle and its technology. Electric vehicles are going to be the future of our country.

The falling battery prices by around 73% since 2010 has been an icing on the cake for electric cars as these are going to be cheaper as compared to fuel-powered cars in the near future. As per International Energy Agency, by 2025 up to 70 million electric vehicles will ply on the roads.

Demand for EV skilled professionals in future

With the increase in demands for EV in the coming days, the requirement of EV skilled professionals will also go up correspondingly and here the catalytic role of an organization and professional institutions will come into play for creating a workforce for the EV Industry.

With the automobile industries shifting gears from fuel-powered cars to electric vehicles, there is bound to be a huge demand for candidates with proficiency in EVs and their components.

The EV sector in India is expected to create nearly 5 million job opportunities by the year 2025.

Engineering aspirants can make the most of it by studying B.Tech. in Electric Vehicles.

Students studying Electric Vehicle Technology can get to explore a range of fascinating topics like fundamentals of EV, powertrain, energy storage, EV design and architecture, electric machines and control drive, EV charging infrastructure, BMS and charging lab, EV powertrain, high voltage and automotive safety and lab, intelligent transport system among others.

The expansion of the EV industry will attract brighter and result-oriented aspirants, who can bring value addition to their companies.

While selecting this course students prefer the ones which offer project works. Working regularly on mini projects throughout the course can help students get a fair sense of the subject.

With the growing popularity of EVs in India, the government has started offering several policies and incentives to encourage the use of such vehicles. A major advantage of buying an electric vehicle is that you have to pay less amount for the registration fees and road tax as compared to ICE vehicles.

Tailpipe emissions from EVs are virtually zero. As a result, it reduces the carbon footprint. One can also use renewable energy to further reduce their carbon footprint.

You can charge an EV in a brace of shakes, or even go for, if required, battery swapping services to keep driving without being bothered too much about the availability of conventional fuel.

One of the most significant advantages of EVs is their immense impact on our environment. The electric motor of the EV always operates on a closed circuit, and hence, it does not emit any harmful gases.

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Aditya Mukherjee

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