Mechatronics and the Future of Engineering

  • Dr Asish Karn
  • Published 05/01/2024
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Mechatronics and the Future of Engineering

Mechatronics engineering presents a dynamic and promising career path for individuals intrigued by the convergence of mechanical, computer, and electronic systems. This field not only offers fulfilling work but also provides an opportunity to contribute to technological advancements and automation across diverse industries. In an era dominated by automation, the world is undergoing rapid transformations as tasks increasingly shift to machines, leveraging their precision and continuous operational capabilities. This shift diminishes the sole relevance of mechanical engineering, highlighting the necessity for professionals to acquire a fundamental understanding of electronics. Mechatronics engineers, equipped with the ability to seamlessly integrate mechanical and electronic expertise, have become indispensable assets for employers. Their capacity to concurrently manage the responsibilities of both roles positions them as valuable contributors in this evolving landscape.

Why Mechatronics Engineering from UPES?

The program has been running successfully for the past 13 years (since 2010), marking us as pioneers in the field of mechatronics in India. With a robust alumni base exceeding 700, our graduates serve multinational companies globally. Our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities for mechatronics programs include the Center of Excellence by BOSCH Rexroth, a Flexible Manufacturing System, Artificial Intelligence (AI)and Machine Learning lab, a multi-axis SCARA robot, mechatronics lab, power electronics and drive lab, and robotics lab. The B. Tech Mechatronics Engineering program is NBA accredited, and we boast a cluster of trained faculty members dedicatedly working in the mechatronics domain. UPES has established MOUs with BOSCH Rexroth, Siemens, KPIT, and FANUC for technology transfer, training, and research, highlighting our commitment to staying at the forefront of industry collaboration.

Here are some important points to consider:

  1. Upcoming Collaborations: UPES is poised to sign an MOU with Bajaj Auto and Blusmart, collectively investing over $10 million in infrastructure dedicated to Mechatronics and allied domains. This collaboration aims to focus on critical modules including Mechatronics, Motion Control and Sensor Technology, Robotics and Automation, and Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing.
  2. Infrastructure Investment: Currently, UPES’s Mechatronics Engineering specialisation boasts a substantial infrastructure investment exceeding 10 crores, featuring state-of-the-art laboratories in the fields of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering.
  3. NBA Accreditation: The Mechatronics program at UPES holds NBA accreditation, a testament to its unique footprint and alignment with industry standards over the last decade. The program is closely associated with the Drone Centre of Excellence, holding immense potential in the aerospace engineering domain.
  4. International Recognition: Graduates from our Mechatronics program pursue advanced degrees in prestigious international universities, including the University of Tartu (Estonia), Tu Delft (Netherlands), and the University of Genoa (Italy), further affirming the program’s global relevance and quality.
  5. Placement Success: The Mechatronics program has consistently achieved impressive placement records, with graduates routinely securing positions in multiple companies due to their technical proficiency.
  6. Research and Development: Mechatronics students and faculty have been instrumental in the generation of patents and product development. With UPES’s emphasis on multidisciplinary projects, the Mechanical cluster, particularly in Mechatronics and design, has made significant contributions.
  7. Role of Artificial Intelligence: The surge in artificial intelligence is intrinsically tied to mechatronics. Recent advancements in algorithms have revolutionised the interpretation and processing of data, revealing previously unknown relationships.
  8. Advantages of Pursuing Mechatronics: The versatility of Mechatronics opens diverse career opportunities across industries such as manufacturing, robotics, and aerospace. Mechatronics engineers contribute to increased efficiency and precision through the design of automated systems. Their adaptability to technological changes and focus on sustainability make them sought-after in the job market. With collaborative projects and hands-on experiences, individuals in mechatronics gain practical skills, often commanding competitive salaries due to their specialised expertise.
  9. Career Prospects: Mechatronics professionals enjoy promising career prospects in industries like manufacturing, robotics, and aerospace. The increasing demand for their unique blend of mechanical and electronic skills positions them as robotics engineers, automation specialists, and product development engineers. The focus on innovation, sustainability, and efficiency ensures dynamic and rewarding career paths for individuals in this field.

The writer is Dr Asish Karn, Senior Associate Professor, Mechanical, School of Advanced Engineering

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Dr Asish Karn
Dr Asish Karn

The writer is Dr Asish Karn, Senior Associate Professor, Mechanical, UPES School of Advanced Engineering

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